All Leaders’ Meeting Wednesday 9th September

Date: 13th Sep 2020 Author: Heather Jones

Thank you to everyone that attended the All Leaders’ Meeting.

The DC Team, like many of you, sometimes read about the new rules and question the logic behind it and ask ‘it it really Scouting‘, or ‘more paperwork‘ or something similar, but it’s all important that we remember that changes are made for a reason and are not knee jerk reactions.  Changes are made after evidence that problems exist and something needs to change…perhaps we don’t always agree with the change or wish it was like ‘the good old days‘ but Scouting has lasted 112 years because it changes and evolves to meet the needs of today’s young people and the wider society.

The video of the meeting and the Powerpoint slides (as a PDF) are at the end of the page.  The slides have also been converted into a video.

We discussed a number of topics and links to those are below:

Restarting Face to Face Scouting

HQ Home Page for Restarting Face to Face Scouting

Please use this or the DC Team as the source of truth and avoid tesocial media as much as possible.  Scouting is governed by different covid rules so ignore the standard BBC or Government briefing and wait for HQ updates.

The leaders’ guidance page shown on the presentation video is:

The detailed Readiness Level page is:

Safety and Risk Assessments

HQ Home Page for Safety and Safeguarding

HQ Safety Home Page

Risk Assessment Page

Example Risk Assessments and Standard Template

District Activity Notification Form

Other Items

The District Exec has agreed that any section wanting to use the District campsite for normal section activities can have one free slot for the fields and woods (including toilet).

Ben announced that he will be leaving Ealing & Hanwell in April 2020 after over 20 years’ service.  The priority of the DC Team is to create at least one new person to join the Team as Heather is not in a position to do it solo.  Ben’s departure also leaves vacancies within Explorers.


Zoom Video of Meeting

Video of Presentation

Slides as a PDF

All Leaders Meeting Sept 2020


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls