March 2019 Newsletter from the DC Team

Date: 10th Mar 2019 Author: Ben Pearson

Hello again from Heather and Ben

Is it Spring or isn’t it? A while ago we had mild and sunny weather, but that was followed by strong winds, dropping temperatures and even a bit of snow! We certainly had pretty unpleasant weather for the District Cross Country – see below (News section) for the results – well done to all the hardy souls who took on that particular challenge!. And thank you to John Matthews for representing the DC Team that day, and to Stuart Flaye for organising the event, and contributing a report for this Newsletter.

The challenge of shifting a mind-bogglingly heavy container was tackled by a team of Explorer Scouts and adult leaders at Stoke last weekend – find out how they managed it below. A further accolade – for coping with a rather different (but possibly equally difficult/unpleasant?) challenge – goes to…. Richard Williams for judging the Explorers’ Pancake competition on Monday 4th March (Heather ducked that particular duty by escaping to Greece for 5 days!).  Finally, thinking of what comes after Shrove Tuesday, good luck to any of you who are undertaking Lent-related challenges – giving up things or taking on particular efforts for the 40 days till Easter. If any are scouting ones, do let us know how you get on!

Ealing & Hanwell Census 2019 Well there’s good news and less good news. Our overall numbers of both young people and adults are down slightly on last year. The grand total of 974 for our District this year is down 2.5% on the total of 999 in 2018. Looking separately at Young People, this year we have 765 whereas the total was 775 in 2018 (a dip of 1.3%). Regarding adults, this year we have 209 compared with the 224 adults counted in 2018 (so that’s a dip of -6.7%). However, this year we ensured that all adults at district level were only counted once – ie those who were already counted within groups (due to having several roles). Other than trimming of the total due to this correction, we have virtually the same number of adults across all our groups (although of course some groups have gone up and some have gone down slightly).


It is also worth noting that – despite the slight reductions from 2018’s figures, our numbers this year remain significantly stronger than in 2017 overall (when we had a total of 894, made up of 718 young people and 176 adults).


Eurojam 2020 – Great News! – Congratulations to all 14 of Ealing and Hanwell’s applicants. All have been offered a place in the Unit, going to Gdansk in 2020.


Zoe Baldwin – Brigantia Alexander Bartle – Brigantia

Elizabeth Bartle – 16th Ealing Rory Byrne – Brigantia

Augustus Carter – 16th Ealing Hugo Garrido-Lestache – Brigantia

German Garrido-Lestache Belinchon – 7th Hanwell Tommaso Gorini – 7th Hanwell

Amy Harpley Gebbels – 1st Ealing North Sharmaine Jagers – 1st Ealing North

Lucy Mulrenan – Brigantia Jessica Mulrenan – 1st Hanwell

Hugh Sampson – 16th Ealing David Self – Brigantia


Canvas mess tents on offer (see photo)  Surplus to requirements at Stoke. Contact John Foxwell if anyone would like one of these.( )

The DC Team are still hoping to find a new third person, in view of Simon’s departure. Heather and Ben are ok as a duo (for now) ….but they’d much prefer to be part of a trio again!! As mentioned previously, please contact the DC Team on or Richard Williams, County Commissioner (and DCs manager), on if you are interested, have an idea for someone else who might be, or would just like to find out a bit more..

District Treasurer – Sheila, despite her health concerns, has very kindly been continuing to help us with a number of essential matters, but we are concerned to move forward with a proper transition as soon as possible. We therefore need to find one (or two?) people willing to take on this important role.   Can you help us find a treasurer? Please contact our District Chair, Jonathan Bartlett, on if you can help.

National Scout Survey 2019 – have you had an email from Tim Kidd, or seen the item about this in the GLMW Newsletter? If not, here’s a link

Please do contribute your views, whatever your involvement, and also do your bit to help cast the net more widely, to reach lots more parents of our young people, plus Explorers and Scouts themselves (the survey is not open under 10s….but see below for an early indication of a #TellBear project GLMW have in mind for next term specially for Cubs and Beavers)

News from around the District

Send us your news! Share your achievements and your good ideas

Monopoly Run Competitions (2nd March) – 8th Hanwell & 25th Ealing Successes!  Laura – GSL of 8th Hanwell – posted on the Ealing & Hanwell Leaders’ Facebook groupHaving never played before, I am so pleased for our two scout patrols at 8H, coming 1st and 3rd in our Monopoly Run team – well done to Irum our Scout Leader’  

Ali from 25th Ealing also posted to say ‘We came 2nd in our game. Absolutely fantastic day! 4th year in a row, already planning for next year…’  

(By the way, there seems to be another Monopoly Run competition on offer on 13th April 2019 – see

District Cross Country (Report by Stuart Flaye, ADC Scouts)

The District Cross Country event took place on 3rd March, in weather conditions that can only be described as “a tad breezy”.  Nevertheless, we had 23 Beavers, 35 Cubs, 18 Scouts, and 8 Explorers and Parents taking on the course. Well done to everybody who took part in the event and gave it a go.  My thanks go to 1st Hanwell, with Ben and his team providing the refreshments; and those that stood along the course and marshalled.

A summary of the results are as follows:

Beavers – Individual

1st – Hal, 16th Ealing

2nd – Jack, 7th Hanwell

3rd – Liam, 5th Hanwell

Beavers – Team

1st – 16th Ealing

2nd – 7th Hanwell

3rd – 6th Ealing

Cubs – Individual

1st – Linus, 1st Ealing North (SB)

2nd – George, 25th Ealing

3rd – Sam, 16th Ealing

Cubs – Team

1st – 1st Ealing North (SB)

2nd – 5th Hanwell

3rd – 7th Hanwell

Scouts Under 12 – Individual

1st – Henry, 7th Hanwell

2nd – Daisy, 1st Ealing North

3rd – Fraser, 16th Ealing

Scouts Under 12 – Team

1st – 16th Ealing

2nd – 1st Ealing North

3rd – 7th Hanwell

Scouts 12 and Over – Individual

1st – Patrick, 16th Ealing

2nd – Ollie, 7th Hanwell

3rd – Danny, 1st Hanwell

Scouts 12 and Over – Team

1st – 1st Hanwell

2nd – 16th Ealing

3rd – 7th Hanwell

16th Ealing won the Scouts trophy overall.


1st – Patrick, 16th Ealing

2nd – Lior, 1st Ealing North

3rd – Andrew, 1st Ealing North


A very proud member of the winning Beaver Team.


Explorer Scout crew help with New Container at Walter Davies (Update from Dave Folkerd)

We have now bought a 20ft shipping container to store the site camping equipment and become a new bouldering wall. Unfortunately the haulage company would only deliver it to the car park and not to the position we wanted it by the toilet block. After much welding, cutting and grinding, an old caravan chassis was turned into the components to bolt on wheels and a towing ‘A’ frame to the container with the intent of pulling the 2.3 tonne container across the now very wet scout field to the new position by the toilet block. Unfortunately the wheels bent on the first 3 attempts….BUT on Sunday 10th March –  after much welding and grinding…. and the efforts of a dozen explorers and leaders – we managed to get the container into position. The Explorers and Ben P also helped John F move all of the District’s camping equipment out of the loft in preparation for the new home.

All that is left to do is to fill it with the camping equipment. On Sunday 17th March at 10:30am, we need about 6 adult muscles to volunteer to move the kit. It should only take a few hours as it has already been sorted and moved to a mess tent alongside the container

25th Ealing Beavers at Acton Fire Station Great to see how much fun the 25E Beavers had on their recent visit (working on their World Challenge).Looks like they learnt some important (squirting!) skills – as well as a vital appreciation of the work done by our local firefighters. Well done to all the leaders and also to the members of Red Watch who made this wonderful experience possible.

(If your section or Group’s fun activities haven’t been included this month, please do let us know about them for next time!)

Looking Ahead

A FEW SPACES STILL AVAILABLE – First Response Refresher session: Wednesday 20th March, 7pm  at Leighton Hall  This is open to adults who have a current, or just expired, first response certificate . Please contact Jenny Foxwell to book asap (suitable for those who have previously done the full course and this has just, or is about to, expire – do check; if your First Response runs out in a few months, this could be a good option!)  

A full First Response course will also be arranged locally, as soon as we can sort out a date and a trainer (meanwhile, have a look at a few options elsewhere around the county in diary list at the end).

Module 1E  We urge all Executive members (both Group and District) – who have not already done so –  to complete Module 1E as soon as possible please (Leaders who attend Executive meetings, but have done the OTHER version of Module 1 previously,  there’s a shorter version for you as well)

Module 1: Essential Information for Executive Committee Members can be completed via e-learning. To begin the e-learning click here  

OR  If you have completed Essential Information (module 1) previously for another current role, the specific Trustee e-learning is available here.

In both its versions, this is vital and very helpful training on trusteeship; the online module does not take long. Please make use of this resource at a time convenient for you.

(CANCELLED Module 1ESunday 17th March Sadly we had virtually no take-up for this and had to cancel the County trainer).


Archery Course – 16th/17th March  Due to last minute cancellations two places are (at time of writing) available on this Archery GB Course. This qualification will enable you to run Archery Sessions for your Young People on ranges such as at our own campsite as well as within your HQ (subject to the correct conditions, equipment and assessment). Saturday 16th 9am-6pm  Sunday 17th 9am-6pm. The cost for this course is £200 per person. Food is included, accommodation may be possible if required. These places will fill quickly so contact Cliff at PACCAR asap if interested (if you can’t make this date but would like to be informed about any future dates, also let Cliff know).  

Map Skills for Leaders – 24th March (Gerrards Cross/Chiltern hills) This is a GLMW course, led by Richard Williams. Only a few places  left – if interested, contact Richard asap Ever wanted to take your Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers for an adventure in to Countryside but you were not sure about finding your way with a map? Well this is the day for you.We’ll be taking a gentle stroll in the countryside around Gerrards Cross and all the while taking a look at some simple tips and tricks for keeping you and your patrols, sixes and lodges on track.” To book a place, email Richard on More information here

St George’s Day Parade, Sunday 28th April (Planning Group meeting Wednesday 20th March) All Groups please note – there will be a Colour rehearsal on Friday 26th April 6.30pm – further details to follow. Also, a reminder to please submit names of top award recipients (Chief Scout’s Bronze, Silver and Gold) from the last 12 months (April to April) in good time

County Inclusion Day – 11th May Still spaces left on this inclusion workshop. Whether you’re a Leader, GSL or helper come along! So if you’re free on 11th May sign up by emailing Alison.

Camporee – Dates are now confirmed as 28th July-2nd August. Six places for Cubs per Group will be on offer. Each group who have Cubs attending are asked to have at least 2 adults. Leaders do not have to commit to the whole week!  Ideally the organisers are looking to confirm that they have 18 leaders on board ASAP. Initial paperwork has recently been circulated to Groups – do shout if you didn’t received it. Theme of the camp this year is Lego. Next Camporee Planning meeting will be on 20th March (venue tbc). Letters will go out after that, due for return by 2nd May.

Watch this space…. #TellBear – Further details about this GLMW project for Beavers and Cubs will be circulated soon – it will involve an activity for next term, between 29th April and 15th June 2019. Here’s a taster from County Commissioner Richard Williams (in this month’s GLMW News)  “….To encourage the development of [a] passion for talking about Scouting from the earliest age, we are bringing a new project together for our Beavers and Cubs. We are working with the team at Gilwell on a project unique to GLMW that will get everyone involved. We will be connecting Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs in GLMW directly with the UK Chief Scout. If you’d like to help me with this project then drop me a message now. I’ll be bringing you more information about it next month. Until then, all we need to do is keep on talking.”

Ski Trip 15-23 February 2020 Pinner & Headstone District Scouts are organising a Ski Trip to Folgaria, Italy, open to all Districts in GLMW. They are opening the trip to young people aged 12 to 18 years of age – at the time of the trip –  and also to adults involved in Scouting. The cost is £960. (Deadline for deposits is 17 April 2019) Contact Tyler Skerton on Or see their website for further details and reply form

Yours in Scouting

Ben and Heather

DC team, Ealing & Hanwell


District Diary

Key dates Please get in touch with us to add any further dates to the District Diary

March 2019

    • GLMW Pioneering Training Course – 15th-17th March @ SAC
    • Archery Instructor course 16th/17th March @PACCAR


  • (CANCELLED Module 1E – 17th March  @ LH )


    • Walter Davies – adult helpers Relocation of kit – Sunday 17th March, 10.30am @ Campsite
    • First Response – Refresher – Wednesday 20th March, 7pm @ LH


  • Camporee planning meeting – Wednesday 20th March
  • St George’s Day Planning Group meeting – Wednesday 20th March


    • GLMW Map Skills for Leaders – 24th March @ Gerrards Cross


  • District Beaver Sleepover – 22-23 & 23-24 March (@ SAC) – main contact Mandy Combes


  • District Scout Leaders MeetingNEW DATE – 27th March (tbc) (Stuart Flaye) @ LH
  • Young Leader Training – 30th March @ LH

April 2019

    • GLMW Training – Mods 16 & 17 – Intro to Residential @PACCAR


  • London Monopoly Run – 13th April


  • District Executive Committee Meeting – 24th April @LH
  • Colour Rehearsal for St George’s Parade – Fri 26th April 6.30pm
  • St George’s Day Parade 28th April (pm)  (organiser: Malcolm Turner)

May 2019


  • Totem Camp (Scouts) 4th/5th May @ Walter Davies
  • District Cub event – Athletics – Sunday 12th May @Perivale Track


    • Jack Petchey evening celebration – 8th May
    • Scouting for all – Inclusion Workshop – 11th May @ 6th Eastcote Scout Hut (book via GLMW)
    • District Beaver Leaders Meeting – Mon 13th May, 8pm, @ Duke of Kent
    • District Core Team – 15th May @LH
    • Managers’ training: The Skills of Management – 18th/19th May @PACCAR


  • Young Leader Training – 19th May @LH


  • GSLs Meeting – 22nd May @LH (or at Campsite – tbc)
  • GLMW’s All American Adventure (all sections)  PACCAR – 24th May- 27th May

June 2019

  • Gilwell Fun Days (Cubs & Beavers) – 8th & 9th June
  • District Paintballing Competition (Scouts) 20th June – TBC

July & August 2019

  • Young Leader Training – 6th July @ LH
  • District Scout Leaders meeting – date TBC
  • Camporee (District Cub Camp) – 28th July- 2nd August
  • World Scout Jamboree, Scout Mondial, North America 22nd July – 2nd August
  • Blow your socks off @ PACCAR – 10-17th August
  • Leaders’ Reboot @ PACCAR – 31st Aug – 1st Sept

September 2019

  • Gilwell Reunion 2019 (100th Anniversary) – 6th-8th September
  • District AGM @ LH – 25th September
  • Elements Camp @PACCAR (All Sections) – dates tbc

October 2019

  • GLMW Training 12th Oct (Mod 5, 6, 11 & 12a – Our Organisation) @PACCAR
  • GLMW Training 13th Oct (Mod 7,8,9 – Working with Adults) @PACCAR
  • GLMW Training 27th Oct (Mods 16,17 – Intro to Residential @PACCAR

November 2019

  • Safety & Safeguarding (Separate Courses) – Saturday 2nd November@LH


  • Ski Trip to Folgaria Italy (Scouts & Explorers) 15-23 February
  • WINGS – 25th July – 1st August, Windsor Great Park
  • Eurojam – 26th July-6th August, Poland

Contact Jenny Foxwell to book onto any District or GLMW training courses

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls