June 2019 Newsletter from the DC Team

Date: 18th Jun 2019 Author: Ben Pearson

Hello to everyone from Heather and Ben

Ted’s Story

The Scouts have released a new short film, Ted’s Story.  Ted’s Story highlights the amazing life experiences that Scouting gives young people AND adult volunteers and the important role parents play.  Please view the video and share it on your group and personal social media channels. The link is https://youtu.be/u93WJoCMJ00.  Please spread the message about the impact we have on our local and the wider community.

It’s nearing the end of the academic year and for most of us we will be finalising our summer camp plans and also looking forward to a well-earned summer break.  Remember your Safeguarding, Safety and Nights Away training when planning and delivering these events and please contact the DC Team if you are unsure about anything.

Hanwell Carnival

We ran a District stall at  Saturday’s Hanwell Carnival to try and recruit more adult volunteers while also increasing our presence in the local area.  Our outgoing team, plus our range of simple (free) activities to attract youngsters (including a very popular lego ‘fire-walk’)  meant we were able to have many friendly conversations with parents and other adult visitors. One bonus was improving people’s understanding of our inclusivity (for example several visitors to the stall still thought Scouting was only for boys!) Over the course of the afternoon, we gathered about 40 completed application forms which were a mix of young people and adults, including some keen parents. These are being followed up by the District team, and by the Groups involved. Thank you to all the Leaders and parents that helped run our stall.  It was a really good day.

Tell Bear Postcards

A big thank you to the many Leaders who included this youth consultation activity in their programme over the last month or so, enabling their Cub Packs and Beaver Colonies to take part. It has been great to see all the different favourite activities mentioned by the Beavers and Cubs on their postcards (such as camping, learning new things, going on trips, playing games and enjoying time with friends), as well as the range of fantastic suggestions for Bear Grylls as Chief Scout. The suggestions include ideas for new badges, action on climate change and saving animals, and an emphasis on lots of adventurous activities. A number of our young people suggested that Bear Grylls should get more children – and more adults – to join scouting. Some want him to make sure people are safe and caring. Others want Beavers and Cubs to get the chance to learn more new things, and to be encouraged to be daring – including doing things they don’t think they can do! Heather has now forwarded the majority of our Groups’ postcards to the County (with a couple more to follow by the end of this week) Once combined with all the cards from the other Districts in GLMW, the whole lot will all be delivered to Bear himself, and we look forward to hearing about Bear’s reaction!


Do you need training on any inclusion topics?  Do you have experience of inclusion? Sean Gallager is GLMW’s Assistant Commissioner for Inclusion.He has offered to arrange  an Inclusion training course in our District (eg a 2hr session in the evening or at a weekend). Sean is also available as a helpline if Leaders need support on inclusion related matters. Finally, Sean would  like to hear from anyone in our District who would like to join the inclusion training team. Please contact the DC team, and we will put you in touch.

News from around the District  Send us your news! Share your achievements and your good ideas

5th Hanwell – Walter Davies work day On Saturday 18th May, 5th Hanwell leaders spent the day working at the District’s campsite at Stoke Poges. The team managed to do the following: deep cleaned the shower/loo block; repaired the road (a never ending task!); cleared nettles and weeds; and also cleared rubble and rubbish. The 5th Hanwell team have also committed to doing another day later in the year. GSL Mandy Combes commented “It’s amazing how much can be achieved in a short time – if every group does one or two days of site maintenance each year, it could make quite a difference.”

The American Camp (and Jamboree Contingent send-off) 24th-27th May

Four of our Groups took part in this County-wide camp: 5th Hanwell, 7th Hanwell, 16th Ealing and 25th Ealing. In addition, our District’s members of the two GLMW Jamboree Contingents, and the Jamborette contingent, were also participating. It was quite a new type of camping experience for some of us – including our youngest Beavers – giving them a taste of a Jamboree atmosphere – particularly the big gatherings and the energetic repeated dance routines, led by a team of pom pom wielding cheerleaders (Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!) Well done to Sergio (7th Hanwell) who won the award for the best Leader costume!

(If your section or Group’s fun activities haven’t been included this month, please do let us know about them for next time!)

Looking Ahead

Training update  – Upcoming training courses

The course schedule for the next 18 months is available on the County website at https://www.glmwscouts.org.uk/adult-support/training-calendar. Places for many of the courses can be booked online, as well as through Local Training Managers.

Coming up soon (both  still have places available):

As part of expanding training provision, GLMW has partnered with Willesden District to offer modules on a rolling-basis on Tuesday evenings once a month – handy for those who find weekends difficult.

London Food Festival (20-21 July) – free tickets for Leaders (800 available)

Inspired by Bear Grylls dedicating his OBE to all leaders, National Geographic have decided to offer a free entry to their London Food Festival to any London Leaders who apply in time. There are 800 places available.(NB This info was forwarded by GLMW on 14th June – so if interested, be quick!) The details from National Geographic are below:

We would like to offer all London leaders free tickets (worth £22 each) to the festival as a thanks for their work.  We have to cap the tickets at 800 so first come first served.

For more information on the Food Festival you can access the site https://foodfestival.natgeotraveller.co.uk/

For the free tickets head to the https://foodfestival.seetickets.com/tour/national-geographic-traveller-food-festival and enter the Promotion code is NGTFOX which gets them and their partner  / friend a free ticket.

Gilwell Reunion 6-8 September Anyone interested in attending this (over 18s only)  and who would like to join forces? It would be great to have a combined E&H sub-camp at this year’s 100th Anniversary Gilwell Reunion. Please contact Heather if you’d like to team up.


Which hat might suit YOU? Please do consider offering to help with one of the following  District roles (CAN BE JOB-SHARED)

DC Team Member, Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs), District Treasurer

District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Network Commissioner, Nights Away Adviser

Yours in Scouting

Ben and Heather

DC team, Ealing & Hanwell



District Diary – please check; there are updates and additions every month. Please also check the GLMW website for training dates

Key dates Please get in touch with us to add any further dates to the District Diary

June 2019

  • GLMW Training – Safety and Safeguarding 22nd June 9:15-13:00pm @Fulham

July & August 2019

  • Young Leader Training – 6th July @ LH

  • GLMW Training – Mod 37 (Advising on Adult Appts ) 7th July  9am-12:30 @ PACCAR

  • GLMW Training – Mod 1E (Essential Info for Exec member) 7th July 1pm-5pm @ PACCAR

  • GLMW Training – Mod 9 (Working with Adults) 9th July 7-9.30pm Willesden HQ (Neasden)

  • GLMW Training – Mod 16 & 17 13th July @Chiswick

  • District Scout Leaders meeting – date TBC

  • Camporee (District Cub Camp) – 28th July- 2nd August

  • World Scout Jamboree, Scout Mondial, North America 22nd July – 2nd August

  • Blow your socks off @ PACCAR – 10-17th August

  • Leaders’ Reboot @ PACCAR – 31st Aug – 1st Sept

September 2019

  • Gilwell Reunion 2019 (100th Anniversary) – 6th-8th September

  • District Executive LH – 12th September

  • GLMW Training – Mod 10 21st September @Hayes

  • District AGM @ LH – 25th September

  • Elements Camp @PACCAR (All Sections) – 27th September

  • GLMW Training – Safety and Safeguarding 28th September 9:15-13:00pm @Roxeth

October 2019

  • GLMW Training – Mod 1E (Essential Info for Exec member) 5th October 1pm-5pm @ Marylebone

  • GLMW Training – Safety and Safeguarding 28th Sept 9:15-13:00pm @Marylebone

  • GLMW Training – Safety and Safeguarding 28th Sept 9:15-13:00pm @Greenford

  • GLMW Training 8th Oct 7-9.30pm  (Mod 11 – Admin) @ Willesden HQ (Neasden

  • GLMW Training 12th Oct (Mod 5, 6, 11 & 12a – Our Organisation) @PACCAR

  • GLMW Training 13th Oct (Mod 7,8,9 – Working with Adults) @PACCAR

  • Core Team Meeting @ LH – 16th October

  • GLMW Young Leader Training Weekend 18th-20th October @ PACCAR

  • GSLs Meeting @ LH – 23rd October

  • GLMW Training 27th Oct (Mods 16,17 – Intro to Residential @5th Hayes HQ

  • District Executive @ LH – 31st October

November 2019

  • Safety & Safeguarding (Separate Courses) – Saturday 2nd November@LH

  • GLWW Training 12th Nov 7-9.30pm (Mod 12A – Quality Programme) Venue tbc

  • GLMW Training  Nov 16th (Mod 14,15,18)   @ PACCAR

  • GLMW Training Nov 17th (Mod 12B, 13, 19) @ PACCAR

  • GLMW Training 17th Nov Mod 10 First Response @Willesden

  • GLMW Training (Manager Training 1; Manager Training 2) Nov 23/24th  @ PACCAR

December 2019

  • GLMW Training 1st Dec Mod 10 First Response @Pinner

  • GLMW Training 10th Dec Mod 12b Programme Planning @ Willesden


  • Ski Trip to Folgaria Italy (Scouts & Explorers) 15-23 February

  • WINGS – 25th July – 1st August, Windsor Great Park

  • Eurojam – 26th July-6th August, Poland

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls