January 2019 Newsletter from the DC Team – Ben, Simon & Heather

Date: 16th Jan 2019 Author: Ben Pearson

Hello again,

District Survey – Thanks

Thank you very much to those of you who have already completed the State Of The District survey.  If you’ve not yet found a convenient 5 minutes, it would be much appreciated if you would work with us to improve Scouting in Ealing & Hanwell by clicking here now  https://goo.gl/forms/O3GyTYPJ6XMpsMJq1

Putting the Wintertime ‘Out’ into Scouting

It’s a new camping season…..sort of.  We’ve only had one Nights Away Notification for 2019 (Ben is slightly biased 😀 but well done Brigantia ESU at Gilwell Park’s Wintercamp).  Is anyone else braving the cold and wet to take their young people out?….There is a saying in the County Expedition Team…“there’s no such thing as the wrong weather…just the wrong clothing”.  Your Risk Assessments and resulting plans will change at this time of year of course, since cold and/or wet weather, and their various negative effects, have to be considered – but that shouldn’t stop you going.

District Executive Secretary – a chance to help

We still need a District Secretary and not having someone in the role cannot continue indefinitely; we need YOUR help to fill this role.  Please contact either Jonathan Bartlett, (District Executive Chair)  chair@ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk or any of the DC team if you want to know more. Do any of the parents in your group have administration type jobs and the right skills to help? Please reach out to them.

GDPR Training

We sent an email out in November explaining how GDPR training is now mandatory for all Executive and Uniformed roles.  If you’ve not yet had the chance to complete yours please visit the online training module (https://members.scouts.org.uk/training_module/GDPRwithcertificate/#/) and send the certificate to Jenny Foxwell at training@ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk.  It takes about 15 minutes but you MUST save the certificate as your completion will not be recorded (we know…crazy!!).


It’s census time.  Official instructions from HQ are expected any day now but it will follow same process as last year.  We need all Groups to have completed their figures in the census system by 11th February.

GLMW American Camp at PACCAR 24th-27th May

This fab sounding event is a GLMW-only Bon Voyage event for our County’s Jamboree and Jamborette contingents. Richard has asked us to reiterate the message many of you may have already seen direct from County about this. Now is the crucial time for the organisers to have an accurate indication of numbers. To buy-in exciting activities (which have very long booking lead-times)  for a big event of (say) 900 – the size of the last Jamboree send-off event – is very different from booking sufficient activities for a smaller overall camp of perhaps 250 or 350. Hence the urgent need to determine numbers and work out what scale this event will be and then plan accordingly. We’re not sure how many of this District’s Groups are planning to take some of their young people to this camp? If you ARE including this in your plan for the summer term,, do you know roughly how many young people have expressed an interest yet?  It’s understood that leaders may have been waiting until after Christmas to ask parents if they want to book a place for their young people – we know that long lead-times can be tricky – but now is the time, so please do firm up your numbers ASAP – in time for Richard’s deadline of 31st January (the official booking deadline is quite a bit later). No deposit is required at this stage. Visit https://www.glmwscouts.org.uk/upcoming-events/county-camp-glmws-action-american-adventure/ for more info and booking

Feather Flags and Trailer

The District has a box trailer and four feather flags (2 x M, 2 x XL) which can be borrowed for use by all.  The trailer is stored permanently at the 1st Hanwell’s HQ in Framfield Road and the feather flags are currently there, but will be stored at Leighton Hall.  Please contact the DC Team if you’d like to use these.

News from around the District – Send us your news.

DC Team Visits – Send us your news.



Module 1E – on Sunday 17th March we are hosting a training session for Module 1E, which is the module for Executive Members.  Exact time is to be confirmed but it will be in the afternoon. Please contact Jenny, our District Training Manager (training@ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk), to book a space.

Ben, Heather and Simon.

DC team, Ealing & Hanwell




District Contacts

Some of your regular District contacts have new email addresses, as previously circulated. No new ones to add this month, but a reminder to please update your contact lists to use the  name@ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk addresses, so we can reduce the number of ‘business’ emails going to people’s personal email accounts.

Key dates for the District Diary

January 2019

  • District Beaver Leaders Meeting – Monday 14th January, 8pm Duke of Kent,

  • District Executive Committee – Tuesday 15th January, 8pm (@LH)

  • GSLs Meeting – Tuesday 22nd January

  • Core Team –  Wednesday 23rd January

  • Cub Talent Show (hosted by 7th Hanwell) – Tuesday 29th January

February 2019

  • District Beaver Party – 2nd February @ 5th Hanwell (main contact: Laura/Mandy)

  • Young Leader Training – 3rd February@LH

  • February Freezer Camp – PACCAR 15th February

  • District Cub event – 5 aside football – date TBC


  • District Cross Country (all sections) – Sunday 3rd March (TBC)

  • District Beaver Sleepover Planning meeting, Monday 4th March 8pm, @ D of K

  • District Scout Leaders Meeting – 13th March (Stuart Flaye)

  • Module 1E – 17th March  @ LH

  • District Beaver Sleepover – 22-23 & 23-24 March (@ SAC) – main contact Mandy

  • Young Leader Training – 30th March @ LH

April 2019

  • London Monopoly Run – 13th April

  • St George’s Day Parade 28th April (pm)  (organiser: Malcolm Turner)

May 2019

  • Totem Camp (Scouts) 4th/5th May @ Walter Davies

  • District Cub event – Athletics – date TBC

  • District Beaver Leaders Meeting – Mon 13th May, 8pm, @ Duke of Kent

  • Young Leader Training – 19th May @LH

  • GLMW’s All American Adventure (all sections)  PACCAR – 24th May- 27th May


  • Gilwell Fun Days (Cubs & Beavers) – 8th & 9th June

  • District Paintballing Competition (Scouts) 20th June – TBC


  • Young Leader Training – 6th July @ LH

  • District Scout Leaders meeting – date TBC

Summer 2019

  • Camporee (District Cub Camp, week-long) – July 2019 (dates tbc)

  • World Scout Jamboree, Scout Mondial, North America 22nd July – 2nd August

  • Blow your socks off @ PACCAR – 10-17th August

  • Leaders’ Reboot @ PACCAR – 31st Aug – 1st Sept

September 2019

  • Gilwell Reunion 2019 (100th Anniversary) – 6th-8th September

  • District AGM @ LH – 25th September

  • Elements Camp @PACCAR (All Sections)


  • WINGS – 25th July – 1st August, Windsor Great Park

  • Eurojam – 26th July-6th August, Poland

Contact Jenny Foxwell to book onto any training courses

Get in touch with us to add any further dates to the District Diary

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