Ealing & Hanwell’s St George’s Day Celebration – Sunday 25th April 2021

Date: 30th Apr 2021 Author: Heather Jones

Our St George’s Day  Renewal of Promises and Celebration of Scouting  Achievements was held (virtually) on Sunday 25th April 2021 in the presence of  our County Commissioner Richard Williams.   You can view a recording of the Webinar here.


Youth Member Awards

During the Celebration, we congratulated all those who had earned the top Chief Scout Awards over the last year – Bronze, Silver and Gold 


  • Flora Turnbull
  • Daisy Baxter
  • Ella McNee
  • Surya Chauhan
  • Eimear McIvor
  • Isobelle Flaye
  • Giada Citroni
  • Luke Lindsey
  • Isabella Macaulay-Coutts
  • Gabriel Dodd
  • Annika Aggarwal
  • Geraint Jones
  • Eric Teok
  • Noah Younge
  • Josiah Staiano
  • Georges Haldane
  • Roger Anderson
  • Harry Konstantoulakis
  • Tommy Dibley
  • Julia Murray
  • Bruno Zammarchi
  • Laura Zammarchi
  • Katie Harniman
  • Elsa Buttigieg
  • Evie Mortimer
  • Atticus Sutton
  • Alexandre Koo
  • Laela Patel
  • Aiden Gilholm
  • Sophie Champion
  • Wilfred Smith
  • Maysa Amandurdyyeve
  • Martha Samuels
  • Oscar Gardiner
  • Ethan Kirwan
  • Nicholas Upfold Castro
  • Christian Humphrey 
  • Oliver Radjenovic
  • Jai Deegan
  • Dylan Lutz
  • Matthew Hawley
  • Curtis James
  • Swara Dusad
  • Sebastian Grundy
  • Harry Lock
  • Lauren Mankoo
  • Finlay Collins
  • Max Irvine
  • Quinn O’Connor
  • Henry Lakey
  • Patrick Roscoe



  • Matthew Molloy
  • Daniel Woodhams
  • Liam Hutchison
  • Antonio Carter
  • Adam Frost
  • Oliver Troman
  • Ellie Worsley
  • Louie Hirst
  • Rosa Dibley
  • An Dutfield Ono
  • Kitty Murphy
  • Filip Cornazzi
  • Patrick Keating
  • Nurana Amandurdyyeva
  • Sam Harniman
  • James George
  • Dijon Nathaniel
  • Alex Hicks
  • Yedam Ahn
  • Sammy Richardson
  • Sam Husselbee
  • Emma Darwin
  • Filip Jovanovic
  • Tyler Mercan
  • Torin Surman
  • Hugo Parmentier
  • Lucien Taylor
  • Indy Rai
  • Thomas Jeffs
  • Riley Reyes
  • Farida Sabbagh
  • Rohan Samanta
  • Charlotte Green
  • Ben Stone
  • Aidan Devlin
  • Owan Duggan


  • Arun West
  • Greg Turner
  • Libby Bartle
  • Rosie James
  • Dexter Hanson
  • Theo Parkinson Pride 
  • Aksels Karklina
  • Ruby Davis
  • Louis Stewart
  • Stella Stewart
  • Logan Surman 
  • Max Surman 
  • Gabriel Chung
  • Kiran Patel
  • Alastair Remington
  • Daniel Self
  • Daniel Rana
  • Joseph Duby
  • Inigo Grant
  • Aaron Winstanley
  • Isaure Koo
  • Tara Davies
  • Elin Morris
  • Ciara Keating
  • Jamie Walker
  • Tommaso Gorini

Jack Petchey Awards

(Adult recipient) David Hurley – Beaver Leader, 7th Hanwell Cubs
Amelia Combes – Young Leader, 5th Hanwell Beavers
Tommy Malone – Young Leader, 6th Ealing
Stephen Carter – Assistant Leader, 6th Ealing Scouts
Amil Patel – Young Leader, 6th Ealing
Oscar Hillier – 9th Ealing Scouts
Ana Orti – 7th Hanwell Scouts
Jamie Walker – 7th Hanwell Scouts
Libby Voelcker – 7th Hanwell Scouts.

The DC then presented the following very special youth member awards:

Commissioner Commendation (Youth member)

Alejandra Branley – Explorer Scout

for exceptional voluntary service at a vaccination centre


Pablo Branley – Scout, 1st Ealing North

for exceptional voluntary service in the Oxford vaccination trial for children


Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

Philip Byrne

Oliver Bray

Queen’s Scout Award

Francis Curran – Section Assistant, 1st Ealing North



Adult Awards

The District Team and County Commissioner were also delighted to presented the following Long Service Awards (received since our  last Awards night in January 2021)

Length of Service Awards

Martin Truss – 8th Ealing

Nuria Belinchon – Explorer Scout Leader (YLs)

Sergio Garrido-Lestache – Explorer Scout Leader (YLs)

Francis Curran – 1st Ealing North


Holly Smallman – 16th Ealing


Martin Elliot – 1st Ealing North


The County Commissioner then presented the following Good Service Award


Good Service Award

Bar to the Award for Merit

Heather Jones – District Commissioner Team



Expression of Gratitude & Presentation to Ben Pearson

Finally, since this was the last District event for Ben Pearson before standing down as District Commissioner (and DESC, Explorer Scout Leader and much more!), the County Commissioner Richard Williams, the District Chair Jonathan Bartlett and Ben’s fellow DC Heather conveyed the grateful thanks of the whole District – and of the County Team – to Ben for his many years of dedicated service.

As farewell gifts, and tokens of appreciation, Ben was presented with  a silver Thanks Badge, a Photobook and a Virtual card filled with many messages of appreciation



Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls