District Awards Presentation 2020 – Roll of Honour

Date: 12th Jun 2020 Author: Ben Pearson

Our District Awards Presentation was held on Monday 8th June in the presence of our County Commissioner Richard Williams.   You can view a recording of the presentation here https://youtu.be/4ifzzVtUa2Y

The District Commissioner Team were honoured to present the following:

Length of Service Awards

Alison Young – 16th Ealing

David Thurston – District

Ian Hutchinson – 25th Ealing

James Anderson– 5th Hanwell

Jennifer Schulz – 25th Ealing

Joanne Witter – 1st Hanwell

Laura Belmostefaoui – 8th Hanwell & District

Laurie Mascott – 1st Hanwell

Nisha Patel – 25th Ealing & District

Penny Duffy – 5th Hanwell & District

Tim Barnes – 1st Hanwell

Tim Gebbels – 1st Ealing North

David Hurley – 7th Hanwell

Mags Thomson – 1st Ealing North

Sheila Burt – 7th Hanwell & District

Simon Croydon – 8th Hanwell

Susan Hyde – 1st Hanwell & District

Carol Bowron – 8th Hanwell

Robert Coomber – District

Jim Vaux – 1st Hanwell

Anthony Phillips – 1st Ealing North & District


Wood Badges

Since September 1919 adult volunteers in the Scouts have been awarded the Wood Badge on the completion of their leader training.   The basic badge is made up of two wooden beads worn at the end of a leather lace.

The Wood Badge’s design took inspiration from a necklace brought back from Africa by Scouting’s Founder, Robert Baden-Powell.

The role listed below is that which the Wood Badge was awarded for as adults can receive additional Wood Badges when they complete their training for additional roles. Those marked with a * are for an additional role so the adult does not receive another actual set of wood beads.

Irum Hamed – Scout Leader at 8th Hanwell

Jennifer Schulz – Assistant Scout Leader at 25th Ealing

Sarah Mercan – Assistant Beaver Leader at 6th Ealing

Terry Jagers – Assistant Scout Leader at 1st Ealing North

Toby Hillman – Assistant Cub Leader at 9th Ealing

Ben Douglas – District Scout Leader*

David Hurley – Assistant Cub Leader at 7th Hanwell*

Howard Branley – Scout Leader at 1st Ealing North*

Jeanette Joyce – Assistant Scout Leader at 9th Ealing*

John Stanton – Cub Leader at 5th Hanwell*

Kerry Davis – Cub Leader at 6th Ealing*

Mary Power – Beaver Leader at 9th Ealing*

Natasha Adsley – District Beaver Leader*

Tim Barnes – Assistant Cub Leader at 1st Hanwell*

Tim Barnes – Cub Leader at 1st Hanwell*

Tim Gebbels – Assistant Scout Leader at 1st Hanwell*

Commissioner’s Commendation

The Commissioner’s Commendation is a local award to recognise service where perhaps the adult does not meet the length of service requirements of some of the other awards.  We received and approved nominations this year for three non-uniformed volunteers that provide fantastic service ‘behind the scenes’

They are:

David Thurston  – for exceptional service as the District Chair and member of the Adults Advisory Committee

Esther Newall – for exceptional service as the Chair of the 8th Ealing

James Anderson – for exceptional service as the Treasurer of the 5th Hanwell

The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service is given in respect of not less than 5 years good service, which stands out. It should be regarded as the Chief Scout’s recognition of the very real contribution made to the Association by the individual concerned.

We received and approved nominations this year for five uniformed volunteers that provide fantastic service to their groups and the wider District.

Adrian Walker – for fantastic service as Cub Leader, Scout Leader and now Assistant Group Scout Leader at 7th Hanwell.  Also leading the rebuilding project for the Group.

Kerry Davis – for fantastic service as Cub Leader, occasional Scout Leader and all round support in the absence of a GSL at 6th Ealing.  Has continued to do this whilst facing her own health challenges.

Laura Belmostefaoui – for fantastic service as Beaver Leader and Group Scout Leader at 8th Hanwell.  Also Assistant District Commissioner (Beaver Scout) for Ealing & Hanwell.

Mandy Combes – for fantastic service as Beaver Leader and Group Scout Leader at 5th Hanwell.   Also joined the District Beaver Team.  Mandy’s leaders complete their training at truly incredible speeds.

Tim Gebbels – for fantastic service as Assistant Scout Leader and Scout Leader at 1st Ealing North.  Stepped down from his Section Leader role in September but now joined the Group Scout Leader team as AGSL.

Award For Merit

The Award for Merit is given for outstanding service. It implies keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period, of at least 12 years duration (exceptionally 10).

We received and were delighted to approve two nominations this year for the Award for Merit.  They are:

Chris Bennett – Has given over 15 years of high quality Scouting in Ealing & Hanwell. Firstly to the 8th Hanwell as a Cub and Scout Leader and then since 2016 as part of the Scout Leader team at the 1st Ealing North.

Mark Yates – Has given 11 years of exceptional service to Scouting in Ealing & Hanwell and to the wider Scouting community through his Big Man in the Woods blog and YouTube channel.  He started as a Scout Leader for the 8th Ealing back in 2009 before moving to Group Scout Leader in 2017.  He has worked tirelessly to build the 8th Ealing into the strong group it is.

Thank you to those listed above and all adults that give up their time for Scouting day after day, week after week, year after year.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Heather Jones & Ben Pearson

The District Commissioner Team




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