December Newsletter from the DC Team – Heather, Simon & Ben

Date: 17th Dec 2018 Author: Ben Pearson

Hello again,

The short festive break is almost upon us, with a brand new year just around the corner. Thank you for all you’ve done in scouting during 2018 – here’s hoping you have a suitably jolly (and/or restful!)  time over the Christmas holidays and come back refreshed and raring to go again in January! We wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and New Year.

New Year’s Resolutions?

I wonder what challenges and opportunities 2019 may bring in Ealing and Hanwell?

What’s your view on New Year’s Resolutions? Fresh year, fresh start perhaps? Plenty of people think we may as well ignore the whole notion (scientists give plenty of reasons for why it often doesn’t work). But for those of us still inclined to try, how can we improve our chances? Some techniques can improve our chances apparently, if we DO want to have a go.

Are there resolutions we can make that will have a positive impact on our local community through our involvement in Scouting?  We hear much about division at the moment, whether it be through Brexit, Donald Trump or terror attacks in Strasbourg but Scouting should be a powerful force for good in these difficult times.

Congratulations to our District Youth Commissioner Ben Farmer on being awarded his Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award in November.  Well done Ben for your hard work and commitment . We look forward to photos of you visiting St James’s Palace in 2019 to receive your award.

District Executive Secretary – a chance to help    

Sue Hyde officially stood down from this role at the AGM and although she has kindly helped the new Chair in the immediate transition period since then, we’re now looking for someone to take on this crucial but very manageable task. You – or someone you know – could be a great new addition to our District Executive team.  This might suit someone who would like to support Scouting without being directly responsible for young people (or alternatively someone wanting to combine helping the District in a small way with continuing a Group-level role). The role involves working closely with the Jonathan – our new District Chair –   helping to organise the Executive Committee meetings and AGM (confirming dates, sending agendas by email etc), then attending the meetings themselves (as a full voting member and trustee), taking notes (no, you don’t need shorthand!) and maintaining the official minutes & records. The level of commitment is attending four meetings a year – and for each meeting cycle a few hours of support before and after. The initial term would be until the next AGM in Autumn 2019  (with the option of standing again at that point – if willing of course). There would certainly be opportunities to get more involved in the running of the District – but focussing just on the core aspects of the role would be absolutely fine if preferred. Please contact either Jonathan Bartlett, (District Executive Chair) or any of the DC team if you want to know more.

Completing the Appointments Process, Training and accurate Compass records.

Is your role full or still provisional?  Have you ever had a look to check if your own record on Compass is accurate and complete? Did you know you can use Compass to say which communications you’d like to receive from HQ?  Are you in a long-standing Wood Badge role but not yet completed your Wood badge? Perhaps you’ve switched roles, or taken on a 2nd one (or more)? Are you unsure about training/validations? Would you like some help or support on what to do next? The New Year is a great time to make a fresh start – so why not take the chance to access the guidance via the national website (Training), and also link up with the local support on offer from your GSL, Training Adviser,  Local Training Manager and District Team. Completing your training is not optional so it’s really important we all take responsibility to complete our own journey.  It’s a vital foundation – timely progress in the training required for each role – the unavoidably vital way that each and every one of us – as individual scouters – gets to continue to offer great (and safe) scouting to the young people.

News from around the District

The DC Team have been free of group visits this month but our social media feeds have been full of some fantastic programmes.  We’d had activities ranging from first aid at a motorbike accident (#skillsforlife @8E Scouts) to Rupa Huq MP visiting the 1st Ealing North and 16th Ealing during Parliament week and let’s not forget Christmas pantos.  Thank you and well done to all the adults that have been involved in delivering these and many other activities to the young people.


Ben took a group from Brigantia to the Harrowall climbing and caving complex last week.  Located near Harrow-On-The-Hill it’s a fantastic facility with around 40,000sq ft. of activity space. We’d booked a split session with 45 minutes on the bouldering walls and 45 minutes in the cave.  It was a really good evening and we’d recommend it as a good programme for all sections as they even have a soft play area for under 3s.

DC Team Visits

No visits but Simon and Heather met with Jonathan, District Chair, for his induction and Ben attended the District’s Campsite Committee.  Ben and Simon have their Explorer Leaders’ Christmas Meal on Wednesday and Heather attended the Management Training course at Paccar.



First Response – We are trying to arrange a First Response to be hosted in the District.  Watch this space.

Module 1E – on Sunday 17th March we are hosting a training session for Module 1E, which is the module for Executive Members.  Exact time is to be confirmed but it will be in the afternoon. Please contact Jenny, our District Training Manager (, if you would like to attend.

Heather, Ben and Simon.

DC team, Ealing & Hanwell



District Contacts

Some of your regular District contacts now have new email addresses.  Please see below:

None this month.

Please update your contact lists for these as it’s really important that we reduce the number of ‘business’ emails going to people’s personal email accounts.

Key dates for the District Diary

January 2019

  • District Executive Committee – Tuesday 15th January, 8pm (@LH)

  • GSLs Meeting – Tuesday 22nd January

  • Core Team –  Wednesday 23rd January

February 2019

  • District Beaver Party – 2nd February @ 5th Hanwell (main contact: Laura/Mandy)

  • Young Leader Training – 3rd February@LH

  • February Freezer Camp – PACCAR 15th February

  • District Cross Country (all sections) – date TBC

  • District Cub event – 5 aside football – date TBC


  • Module 1E – 17th March  @ LH

  • District Beaver Sleepover – 22-23 & 23-24 March (at SAC) – main contact Mandy

  • Young Leader Training – 30th March @ LH

April 2019

  • St George’s Day Parade 28th April (pm) – TBC  (organiser: Malcolm Turner)

May 2019

  • District Cub event – Athletics – date TBC

  • Young Leader Training – 19th May@LH

  • GLMW’s All American Adventure, Paccar – 24th May


  • Young Leader Training – 6th July@LH

Summer 2019

  • Camporee (District Cub Camp, week-long) – July 2019 (dates tbc)

  • World Scout Jamboree, Scout Mondial, North America 22nd July – 2nd August


  • WINGS – 25th July – 1st August, Windsor Great Park

Contact Jenny Foxwell to book onto any training courses

Get in touch with us to add any further dates to the District Diary

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls