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January 2014


I wish all in the District and your families a very happy New Year.

Whilst I am grateful to the ADCs for their contributions, but with no other news, that will possibly herald the end of a monthly publication.  It is your news that we want to capture.  So sadly unless all in the District start to send snippets, awards etc. of events in your Groups/ Sections, Ealing & Hanwell News may no longer be produced.

Time for New Year resolutions, however, also time to reflect on last year’s achievements and ensuring that we can try and improve in the coming year.

I hoped that we might have some news on a new DC, however progress has not been made towards appointing a successor to John.

We have been fortunate to have a permanent loan of some important memorabilia of an event that took place some years ago. The daughter of John Davis, who was Scout in 1928 and a member of the 3rd Hanwell (St Mellitus) Group has sent us the Gilt Cross and certificate of the award to her father, when he saved a young boy from drowning in the canal.

In addition we have some other cuttings from the local paper.




I send New Year greetings to all in the district and to your families.  I have been in Contact with our esteemed CC and he is actively pursuing a new DC with a number of candidates being approached.  There may be some news early next week!

So here’s hoping someone will accept this position, otherwise we’ll be back to the drawing board.



 St George’s Day 2014

27th April


The St George’s Day Management Team have had their second meeting and have changed some, and firmed up other, plans.  Feedback from the Scout Section and GSLs was that a carnival atmosphere to the parade would be a little bit too much so we have taken this feedback on board and the parade will now be a more traditional affair – apparently the fun police had also been alerted and they were prepared to make some arrests on the day if things got out of hand.

Anthony has been busy researching different venues in Ealing & Hanwell that would be suitable for hosting the ceremony and after reviewing costs and availability we have agreed on Hanwell Community Centre.  Watch this space for more details.

What Do We Need From You;

  1. The ceremony is all about the achievements of our young people but we can only celebrate them if you, the section leaders, tell us about them.  We need you to send to your GSLs or ADCs the name, age and award/achievement; this should cover the period between April 2013 and April 2014.  Although this should be a Chief Scout’s Challenge or DofE Award we will also be celebrating Jack Petchey Awards or a significant achievement that you think we should recognise.
  2. We need to develop a team of trained stewards that can assist the police in controlling the road closures.  Although there are many of you that help on an irregular basis we would like to build a team of 15-20 adults that are prepared to commit to helping over the next couple of years.  We will ask you to attend a short training session of an hour or so in the weeks leading up to St George’s Day.  Please email Anthony on awphillips92@aol.com if you are prepared to help and will be available during the parade (not needed to march with your section).  Your Group Exec could be the perfect place to look.  Scout Network – could you help?
  3. PA System.  We will need a PA system that we can plug some microphones in to as well as playing some digital music.  Can you get access to one for the afternoon of the 27th April?

Thanks for reading.  If you have any feedback please let Anthony know.

Ben Pearson

Explorer Scout Leader, on behalf of the St George’s Day Team


From the Middlesex County Times




 At the Scout’s Own Service at the Broadway Palladium on Sunday, a gathering more than a thousand strong paid tribute to Sea Scout J. Davis, of Hanwell, who was presented with the Scouts’ Gilt Cross in recognition of his ‘act of bravery’ in rescuing a boy from drowning in the Grand Junction canal at Hanwell on June 23rd.

That this presentation was to be made was announced at the end of the service by the District Commissioner (Mr Stuart Monro), who presided.

“When Scout Davis made this rescue”, said Mr. Munro, “he was suffering from a rheumatic complaint and had been ordered not to bathe. He was walking along the river bank when he saw a small boy tumble into the water, and as the lad was in considerable danger of being drowned, Scout Davis went straight into the water and pulled him out. Davis said nothing of what he had done, even when he reached home wet through, but it all came out later.”

The presentation was made on behalf of the Chief Scout be the International Commissioner (Mr Hubert Martin), and as Davis stepped forward and saluted there was a prolonged demonstration of enthusiasm. This had been in progress a full minute before it was subdued at a wave of the Commissioner’s hand.



“I am sure you will all want to congratulate Scout Davis, not so much upon the award that he is receiving,” Mr Martin told the assembly, “but upon the fact that he had the opportunity to do a good turn-an act of gallantry which every true Scout would do. That is the thing on which to congratulate him-that he had the opportunity and the pluck to make good use of it. “

Further applause followed, and Davis, who is a member of the 3rd Hanwell (St.Mellitus) troop, was accorded three hearty cheers, all those on the stage standing in honour of his gallantry.

Prior to the service, the cubs paraded on Haven Green, and the Scouts on Ealing Green, and marched, led by the colour bearers to the Palladium. On arrival the colour bearers fell out and remained in the vestibule until the proceedings were due to commence, when they proceeded down the centre gangway followed by members of the Corporation and those taking part in the service. Altogether there were 600 rovers, scouts and cubs present, eighteen troops and packs being represented, and with most of the remaining space in the building occupied by the general public, the service was attended by between eleven and twelve hundred persons.

The service itself was simple and one arranged in such a way that all could take part. The hymns specially selected for the occasion were, “Just as I am”, “All creatures of our God and King”, “Mine yese have seen the coming of the Lord”, and “Immortal, invisible, God only wise”, whilst Perry’s “ Jerusalem” was sung immediately before the congregation was blessed by the Rev. J.G.T Firth. The prayers were read by  Rev.J.G.T Firth, and the lesson by the Rev. R Anstie Bopmas, whilst the Scout Law was read by District Scout Master A.J.Jaynes., and the Cub Law by Assistant District Commissioner Miss F.E.Finch. The organist was Mr. Harman J. Howland, Assistant Commissioner for Music, Imperial headquarters.



The speaker was Capt. C. Lisle-Watson (Assistant County Commissioner for Rovers,  (London). Whose address was particularly appropriate to the occasion, the spiritual truths Mr Lisle-Watson desired to impress being illustrated with everyday experiences. It was. In fact, an address for boys and one delivered in such a way that is could not fail to make a special appeal to them. Mr. Watson told his hearers how they had been created for a definite purpose, just as a massive steam engine was made for the purpose of carrying people and goods at a great speed and with safety, and not merely for the admiration of those who looked upon the beauty of its lines.

“God made you for a definite purpose,” he said, “and not for people to look upon and say. ‘What a bright little boy’, or for you to look in a mirror and say ‘What a fine Rover am I.’ He made you to know Him and love Him and serve Him so that you can be happy now and forever

Mr Lisle-Watson went on to tell how they could know God, and this time drew a parallel of how they knew their mother, not by her body which would one day be buried and return to the dust from which it came, but by all she did for them and the loving kindness she lavished upon them. So could they know God, and once they knew Him they would love Him.”





A small sample are shown here If you are not receiving the original notes as above please contact jan.vanderplank@glmwscouts.org.uk and ask for your name to be included in the distribution list.

February Freezer Camp 2014

Its back! February Freezer 2014 @ Paccar Scout Camp with some new activities making an appearance this year  Zorbing, Laser Clay, Bungee Run and be the first to try Paccar’s very own and new for 2014 Caving Complex!

With over 10 exhilarating activities to enjoy it will cost you only £30 per participant and £20 Per Leader! Book Now @ www.februaryfreezer.info

Each places comes with a free event t-shirt and badge! Are you ready for the sub-zero adventure?

Jamie Brunt, Event Organiser Jamie@chalfont.org

Kandersteg Summer Staff

Maybe you took part in Kandersteg 2013 ? Are you over 18 and available from 7 June to 6 September 2014 ? Why not apply to be Short Term Staff at Kandersteg ? For the past two summers, GLMW has been represented at Kandersteg. Short Term Staff receive full training at the beginning of their season and whilst there they receive accommodation in the Chalet, food and all the basics needed to stay at the Centre. There is no pocket money but some travel support may be available. See http://www.kisc.ch/staff/short-term-staff/ or contact Phil Power or Rex Smith for advice. Applications have to be submitted to Kandersteg by 15 February 2014


Rex Smith County Advisor, International rexsmith@glmwscouts.org.uk

Scouts make a difference

I am representing the County at an international day at the end of the month. One of the discussions is based on how Scouts can make a difference to the many situations that affect the lives of young people, which they see on the TV. This would include such topics as clean water; limiting tropical diseases;  natural disasters, such as the Philippine typhoon; refugees from war zones like Syria; and so on. So that I can give a flavour of what is happening in GLMW, Please could you let me know, by 22 January, of anything your Scouts have done in this respect; who benefitted; how you think those action might be sustained; and any other comments you have that would help other groups around the UK carry out something similar. Please mail Rexsmith@glmwscouts.org.uk. Thank you


Rex Smith County Advisor, International rexsmith@glmwscouts.org.uk

Three Bridges Walk

My County are running an Explorer belt to Canada this year and are trying to raise money to fund the environment projects they intend to do when they are out there.
Everyone that takes part will also be raising money for their own unit!!


Three Bridges Walk:
Fundraising event we would like your unit to take part in, is the Canada Bridge Walk on Sunday 22nd June. It is a sponsored walk over 8 bridges in London, half of the money you raise will go towards the Explorer Belt Expedition to Canada, and half will be put back into YOUR unit for days out, camps and activities. Please put this date in your diary, it is not only a great way to raise money, but will act as a good team building event and fitness training.

More details can also be found here:

Make it more challenging for yourselves and carry a 20 litre ruc-sac or do it as a three legged walk.

Fancy dress, Canadian style, is optional but would be fun!

Emma Leek, GLSE County.