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September 2013



Summer is soon fading away, but memories linger much longer.  Judging by the reports of the summer activities in this issue, many will have taken part in some spectacular and memorable ones.  Well done to those who took part and an especial thanks to those who organise them.  The latter takes, time and loads of energy.  Congratulations.

We attended the special evening at Camporee where they entertained a couple of representatives from Murphy’s.  They were very impressed with what we had done with their 4 portacabins and were taking back photo etc to the company.

The District AGM will soon be here and I look forward to seeing all the leaders there.  See below for details.




Well that was some summer.  I’m just back from 2 weeks in sunny Kandersteg, Switzerland.  17 scouts, 39 explorers, 11 network crew, 13 assorted leader making up the Ealing and Hanwell district contingent of 80.  1st Ealing North were also there with 33.  Making E&H by far the biggest district represented out of the total expedition complement of 537.

Amazing, fantastic, exhilarating, the superlatives just keep pouring out of my keyboard.  Big cheese Wayne (UK chief commissioner) paid us a visit and big cheese Nigel (UK international commissioner) dined with us on sausage, rosti and broccoli followed by jam donuts.  Some big cheese then invested our new network members under some random mountain.  Unbelievable.



The next county expedition is already booked for August 2017 and it is definitely in my diary, although methinks that E&H could go it alone before then if there were to be sufficient interest.  See expedition report – probably next month.  Or see the photo’s twitfacetube somethingoranother.  If you’ve never been, you’re missing a treat.



Will your summer camp report be in Newsdesk?  I hope so as I really look forward to reading them; this Newsletter relies on all the sections and groups supplying material for it to be a valuable resource.

Ahh well back to the grind, fortunately I am retired so I don’t have to drag my weary bones into work but I do have to write newsletter pieces/annual reports, etc so here goes.

District AGM – Wednesday 18th September, 7.30 for 8.  This may be one to remember!  But that’s for me to know and you to find out.

Training – Jenny and I are looking closely at all your training records and will be in touch with those of you who for one reason or another are not up to date.  You have been warned!  There’s a safeguarding course at Leighton hall on Sunday 29th, 2 – 5 pm.

So are you all ready for the new term and the cubs reply “we were born ready”.  Camporee this year was a blast by all accounts,  see report in this edition entitled something like “6 great knights”.

Japan 2015, World Scout Jamboree, I’ve reminded the organisers, yes that includes you Lee, that we need to know how to apply and that yes E&H would be very happy to take up all 36 places.  Watch this space.

Go steady – Be Safe and enjoy your scouting, love you guys.



District Swimming Gala
This will take place at Gurnell Baths on Saturday 12th October.  Invitation letter and entry forms have been issued to all Cub Packs and Scout Troops, and I hope all will be taking part with maximum numbers where possible.  The entry forms are due back on 21st September  but you do not need to wait until then, as individuals’ names are not necessary, just numbers taking part in each event, so please forward to me asap.
The invitation letter for the Beaver Splash About will be issued during September, again your support will be most welcome.

Scout 5-A-Side Football
This will take place at Hanwell Community Centre with revised dates as follows:-
League 8.00 to 10.00 pm
Tuesday 1st, 15th, 22nd October and 12th November

K. O. Cup

8.00 to 10.00 pm
Tuesday 19th November


Knights & Castles Camporee 2013


One Saturday long, long ago (well back in July), in the distant land of Stoke Poges, Castle Murphy stood aloof and proud, looking out across an empty field and campsite, surrounded by its still and silent moat.  The air was hushed, as if the castle was waiting, and then……vans of food and trailers of camping equipment arrived.  Tents were erected around the field, bunting appeared, pots and pans clattered, tea was poured and laughter and music echoed off the fake stone walls …. ….. Camporee 2013 had begun!!!   67 young knights (formerly known as Cubs) arrived to feast, joust, make friends, swim, make catapults, stack crates, make cakes, fly down the zip wire, learn about the stars and much, much more. They assembled into 4 Sub-camps and settled happily into their new home.

Two days later a great feast was held, a banquet in honour of the Castle’s founders, Murphy Civil Engineering.  Great torches were lit on the castle battlements and Queen Di and King Dave welcomed all their guests before heading the table to share in a huge hog roast.  There followed a spectacular campfire with songs and merriment filling the air.

The next day a raiding party set out for the rival castle of Warwick in two horseless coaches.  They spent the day marauding around the castle grounds, vanquishing the Merlin tower and watching the jousting and falconry before returning to their Stoke Poges home for dinner and bed!

Thursday dawned with brilliant sunshine and the camp set about their activities with great enthusiasm.  More badge work was completed before an afternoon of jousting, zip wiring and water sliding.  The evening entertainment was a movie in the medieval movie house complete with pop corn and ice cream.

During the evening meal on Friday night, music suddenly echoed around the tent and people began to rise and dance all around the camp.  A flash mob erupted on the site, forming into an organised group of stomping, cha cha cha-ing young leaders.  Perfectly in time (well apart from one or two!) even Tango (the Camporee Dog) got in on the act!

Sadly the feasting and merry making had to come to an end and Saturday morning saw the camp come to a close.  Queen Di presented all the young knights with the badges they had earned, a sword, a certificate and a camp badge.  They then departed on the hobby horses they had made, tired, a bit grubby but full of smiles, for the foreign lands of Ealing and Hanwell.  The tents came down, the bunting was put away and the cars and vans slowly departed.  Castle Murphy was left quiet and alone once more with just the faint echo of laughter in the air….. well, until next time!!!!

There are a thousand thank yous that are owed for making this such a wonderful camp, there is not enough space for them all but here goes…

To everyone who worked so hard on the castle before the camp even began (particularly Dave) I can only say that the amazed look on the children’s faces was worth all the effort (and considerable amount of wood, screws, paint, sweat and hard graft) involved.

To John and the tent pitching crew who turn out each year and transform a bare field into our home for a week, thank you.

To Jim, Frances, Kevin and all those involved in catering, you did yourselves proud once again.  We could not keep up the level of activity we have to maintain without a good supply of hot and hearty food and once again we were not disappointed.

To all the Sub Camp leaders, you worked so hard to get the Cubs to bed every night and up every morning, to keep them happy and smiling throughout the week. Thank you, your kindness is a credit to Scouting.

To all the badge session leaders (particularly those drafted in at the last minute!) a special thank you from Roy who doubles his profits each year on the number of badges we issue at Camporee!

To Queen Di and her lovely Ladies in Waiting, thank you for reigning so beautifully.

To the Young Leader team and our new recruit as their leader, Jake. We could not run Camporee so smoothly without you. You provide the energy and inspiration when we need it most and your Flashmob will live in Camporee legend forever!!

To the first aiders, Rosanna and Paul, for dealing so kindly with all their young patients, particularly our first case of trench foot!!

To Lee, thanks for doing the technical man stuff – oh no sorry, that was Sharon!!!Special thanks to Sharon, for designing such stunning logos each year and helping with the technical stuff at the cinema.

To all those (like Roy) who visit us each year and help jolly us along, thank you.  Mostly though, thanks to Paul, who puts up with a house full of t-shirts, scarves, water bottles and foam swords for months and, most importantly, puts up with me. Thanks for making my mad ideas work!

To anyone I have missed out, my apologies it was not intentional. Camporee is a huge team effort and could not happen without you all. Thank you again and see you all again next year!!!

 Jocelyn Phillips (ADC Cubs)



Feedback Wanted

As an Explorer section we are always striving to deliver the best Scouting experience possible for the young people that come to us.  We also tell our parents and young people that we want feedback but that is always a tricky request to respond to so this year, we have carried out a formal feedback survey.  We also believe in being transparent over both our successes and failings so we want to share our survey with you.  Please click here Explorers_Summer2013_SurveyReport_FINAL to view our survey.  We are very happy with the results as it shows that the vast majority of our ‘customers’ are happy with the service we provide them, but as ever, there are areas we can work on and we will do our best over the coming months so that next year’s survey is even better.  If you have any questions or comments about this please email me at

There is also the small matter of our record-breaking trip to Kandersteg but the report for this will have to wait until next month.  If you would like to see some photos of our trip please visit our Facebook page at

Ben Pearson

Acting District Explorer Scout Commissioner



1st Ealing North.

On Friday, 5th July, Stephen Pound, M.P. visited 1st Ealing North Scout HQ to present the troop with a framed print titled “Coast Watching” portraying scouts doing their duty in World War One.  The original picture by Ernest Stafford Carlos  painted in 1915 hangs in Gilwell Park. The Scout group was privileged to receive this honour as a result of their presentation of “Service to Queen” at the St George’s Day Parade.


Rosanna Elliott


A small sample are shown here If you are not receiving the original notes as above please contact and ask for your name to be included in the distribution list.

New County Development Officer

It is with great pleasure I advise that Lucy Whybrow has been appointed as our Development Officer for GLMW. Lucy starts with us on Monday 23rd September for 18 months. Lucy will be out and about meeting everyone over the first few months and in particular at the County Team Conference, future DC’s meetings, and at the GLMW’s Manager’s Conference.

GLMW Managers Conference

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to our first

GLMW Manager’s Conference to be held on Saturday 19th October 2013 at Beavers Community Primary School in Hounslow. This conference is open to all Group Scout Leaders (and 2 guests from each group including the Group Chair), District Commissioners, District Chairs, District Explorer Scout  Commissioners, District Scout Network Leaders, Assistant District Commissioners, Deputy County Commissioners, Assistant County Commissioners, County Executive,  Scout Active Support Managers and Crew Leaders. The County is also inviting Young Spokespersons, 6 Young Leaders and 3 Scout Network Members from each district (these are nominated to attend by each District)

Scouts Speak up @ Conference 2013

Now in its sixth year, Scouts Speak Up gives Explorers, Young Leaders, Network members and their leaders the opportunity to meet with MPs and Councillors from across the country, during the party conference season.

The events themselves take place at the party conferences of the three main political parties in the UK. They offer attendees the chance to air their views and discuss issues that matter to them with politicians. Refreshments, food and a £30 travel bursary for attendees under 25 are provided and young people interested are welcome to attend as many of the events as they wish. If you are interested in signing up or would like to learn more, please follow the link provided below: