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November 2013




It was with sadness that we learnt that Brian Shepherd had been called to higher service on 17th October after a short illness.  He had a number of positions in Scouting in this District and elsewhere, Vice President – 2007 to 2013, Appointments Secretary – 2001 to 2007, DSL in Heston and Isleworth 1984 to 1995, Group Appointment – 1977 to 1984, ADC Ealing & Hanwell – 1963 to 1974, Group Appointment – 1952 to 1963. Total service 51 years 3 months.  During that time Brian received the following awards from Scouting, 50 years in Scouting E&H 31/8/2012, Silver Wolf 23/4/2009 GLMW, Silver Acorn 23/4/1985 Heston & Isleworth, Bar to Medal of Merit 3/6/1975 Heston & Isleworth, Medal of Merit 11/10/1967 Heston & Isleworth.
A quiet and effective Scouter in all that he did, a great servant to Scouting who will a greatly missed.  We take this opportunity to offer our condolences to his family.


Did you miss last month’s News?  It was not published because of a lack of information, news, articles etc.  The NEWS is your publication, so if you can, please do contribute something every month.  That would be great and we would especially like to hear from all the Groups across the District.

Our thanks to John, who has been at the helm of the District for the last five years.  The numbers have consolidated, all sections are open and staffed, that is a great legacy, so thanks John, for your leadership and hard work.

A few farewells; Peter Hyde who has been GSL of 1st Hanwell; Jane Stanton, who has been GSL of 5th Hanwell for many years and ill health has meant that she has to take life more easily, and to Harry Bowron, CSL of 8th Hanwell for a long time.  You will all be missed and a great ‘thank you’ for all that you have done for Scouting in Ealing & Hanwell.



As you know I’m standing down as DC, which I announced at our AGM.  My warrant expired on 1st Sept. after 5 years and I’ve decided not to go for another 5.  I’ve been extended until 31st December and a search team has been formed to collect the names of all interested candidates. However for the time being its business as usual.

By the time you read this all the 12 – 16 year olds that are interested in going to Japan 2015, World Scout Jamboree, should have submitted their applications.  I hope we get a lot of interest.  Next step is to select our (E&H) 3 participants plus 2 reserves and I’ve asked Alan Rayner to head up this process.  If you know someone who’s applied please give them all the support you can.

With any luck there’ll be a write up for the cub sixers and seconders water activity camp at Longridge.  It’ll be well worth a read as it was again a great W/E.  The Swimming gala was also a great success and the Scout 5-a-side and all our usual regular district events are taking as normal.  Please support these to the best of your ability, remember they are only run for your (the groups/sections) benefit.  Look out for the details of the new cub choir competition.

So I’m still around and happy to drop in on you routinely or attend special events, present badges/awards etc. as required.

Keep safe, be happy and enjoy your scouting.


 Ealing & Hanwell District Commissioner Vacancy

NEW DISTRICT COMMISSIONER – Ealing & Hanwell Scout District

Nominations sought

Do you fancy a change in your scouting role? The County Commissioner has formed a Search Group to find a successor to John Foxwell as District Commissioner of Ealing and Hanwell.



Cub Sixer & Seconders Water Activity Weekend at Longridge –  4th – 6th October 2013


The sun was shining on the banks of the Thames on Friday afternoon as John, Jim and crew set up camp.  What could be more idyllic…….the peace was soon shattered as 32 senior Cubs descended to enjoy an adventurous weekend!!  The air was soon full of laughter (and a bit of rain!) as tents went up, conkers flew, sandwiches were devoured, ducks chased and torch batteries run down!

Saturday dawned and the adventure began.  Cubs hurtled off to take part in lots of challenges; some kayaking, some climbing, some rafting, some racing about in giant orbs on the water, some canoeing and some dragon boating!!  Kevin was spotted rolling around in a giant orb, Nicole raced up the Jacobs ladder and Jay fought his fears and made the amazing Leap of Faith!  Jamie was glimpsed on a rather dodgy looking raft and Brandon had a go at everything!  Jocelyn, Lee and Kevin tried not to get too competitive in the dragon boat (and failed!!)

Jim and Kevin kept everyone warm and well fed, with lots of hot soup and a lovely mince and mash dinner with the help of Mags, Magda, Mary and Di, who peeled all the potatoes in Marlow.  The ducks soon polished off any crumbs that fell on the ground and everyone kept their hands warm washing and drying up!  DC John did his best to keep a fire going with very limited wood resources, keeping us all warm and happy, he even found time to fashion a new handle for his campfire kettle.  No Cub camp would be complete without a singsong so everyone gathered around the campfire on Saturday night, blending bananas with great enthusiasm!

Sunday morning arrived with a gentle mist rolling across the water.  This soon burnt off as the sun came out to dry off all the tents.  After a hearty breakfast the Cubs set off to finish any activities they hadn’t conquered already!!

Sadly camp had to come to an end.  Ben arrived to collect the equipment and John awarded the Cubs with their Water Activity Badges.  Finally some wet, weary but happy souls headed for home.  Everyone agreed this was great weekend of fun, although a little bit soggy!!!

Peace was finally returned to the riverbank!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a fun and happy camp.

Jocelyn Phillips (ADC Cubs)


District Swimming Gala at Gurnell Baths – 12th October 2013


I am sorry to say that I was more than disappointed with the entries from the Cubs and Scouts this year, with the numbers being down on last year.  The one good thing was to see the Explorers back after an absence of a few years.  I appreciate you cannot make a child swim, but with the date of the Gala always set a year in advance each Pack and Troop can circulate this information at an early date to parents, plan programmes to include selection swimming for entries and generally encourage involvement in what is one of the few District activities that brings all the Sections together.  I am sure you must be aware that it takes a lot of time and effort, with much frustration along the way, to coordinate entries, create a programme, arrange a team to help  run the Gala and then having to chase Groups for late payment of fees.  With all that in mind the  diary date for 2014 is Saturday, 11th October, subject to confirmation.

After all my moans, I am pleased to say that the winners were all those who took part and who, after having to pass the Pool’s ability test, swam their hearts out for their Packs and Troops and were supported vocally by their leaders, family and friends.

The Beaver Splash About had reduced numbers from last year, even though more Colonies were represented but, judging by  the noise level, everyone had a great time.

The main results for the Gala are as follows:-

Cub Aggregate Points                                            Inter Troop Relay

1st – 9th Ealing                            17 points                      1st – 16th Ealing

2nd – 1st Ealing North St. Peters   15 points                2nd – 25th Ealing

3rd – 6th Ealing                            14 points                      3rd – 7th Hanwell

Inter Pack Relay                                                       Inter Group Relay

1st – 1st Ealing North St  Peters                                     1st – 25th Ealing

2nd – 25th Ealing                                                              2nd – 7th Hanwell

3rd – 7th Hanwell                                                              3rd – 6th  Ealing

Scout Aggregate Point                                            Leaders Relay

1st – 16th Ealing                           19 points                      1st – 7th Hanwell

2nd – 25th Ealing & 7th Hanwell     15 points                2nd – 1st Hanwell

3rd – 6th Ealing                            11 points                      3rd –  Brigantia

CUB SCOUT EVENTS                                       SCOUT EVENTS

Freestyle – 1 width under 9                                 Freestyle – 1 length under 12

1st – Alastair Larkham     1ENSP                      1st – Liam Chan-Sing           6E

2nd – Harry Manners        25E                          2nd – Harry Llewellyn            7H

3rd – Zack Harris             9E                               3rd – Holly Bray                   6E

Freestyle – 1 length over 9                                  Freestyle – 2 lengths over 12

1st – Callum Larkham      1ENSP                         1st – Harry Lovell               25E

2nd – Sophie Claxton       25E                              2nd – Sea Raleigh               16E

3rd – Leo Djankoff          1ENSB                         3rd – Marco Langston         16E

Breaststroke – 1 width under 9                            Breaststroke – 1 length under 12

1st – Zack Harris             9E                                1st – Elspeth Singleton         9E

2nd – Joseph Stafford     9E                                2nd – Harry Llewellyn            7H

3rd –  Matthew Everitt      6E                              3rd – Liam Chan-Sing           6E

Breaststroke – 1 length over 9                            Breaststroke – 2 lengths over 12

1st – Amrik Grover          9E                                1st – Harry Lovell               25E

2nd – Crispin Legard        1ENSB                       2nd – Finn Byrne                 16E

3rd – John Nan                1ENSP                         3rd – Michael Raleigh         16E

Backstroke – 1 width under 9                              Backstroke – 1 length under 12

1st – Caolan McHugh      1H                                1st – Alex Barrett                  1H

2nd – Ben Harrison          9E                                2nd – Nicholas McKenna    16E

3rd – Joshua Minhas       6E                                3rd – Hugh Culling                25E

Backstroke – 1 length over 9                              Backstroke – 2 lengths over 12

1st – Ljilja Vincie             6E                                1st – Marco Langston           16E

2nd – Kirsty Chan-Sing     6E                              2nd – Ted Raine                      7H

3rd – Matthew Wrench     25E                            3rd – Will Sheard                   25E


Freestyle – 2 lengths

1st         Susannah Cliff

2nd        Stephen Carter

Breaststroke – 2 lengths

1st –       Tom Raine

2nd        Joe Gilbert

3rd         James Melly

I would like to thank all the competitors and their Leaders for their support in making this a great District event.

My thanks also go to the team for their hard work, under great pressure at times, especially Mary Power for organising the Beaver Splash About, and Sam Wright for once again providing the sound system.

As well as Beaver, Cub and Scout numbers being down there were fewer spectators, so please can we all make an effort to encourage more competitors, and spectators, next year.

John Sear (ADC Scouts)

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Friends of Chalfont “Carols at Dusk” 15th December

Help at PACCAR

Do gleaming floors and sparkling surfaces give you pride in a job well done? Please contact Mary ( for more details.

GLMW Hillwalking Weekends

Are you interested in getting out into the hills with your young people?  Do you have an old Form “M” permit that needs renewing?  The County has a team set-up to help with these aims.

The next Hill Walking Training weekend is in the Peak District over the weekend of 22nd to 24th November 2013.  Visit to book a place.

Pen pal websites & Online safety

A safeguarding issue with website has been identified by the national safeguarding team that enables access to people’s personal social media accounts. Please redirect young people interested in pen pals to link with the International Links team.

Have your say on new proposals to manage and operate the nights away scheme, part of the rolling review of activities within Scouting. Read the consultation document on line, by clicking on the link:   closes 5th November