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March 2013



Good news all round. Spring is here, so camping is officially on the menu.  Thanks to the wonderful support from the 25th Ealing, a development programme is on its way.  Census return shows we have held our own, mainly due to the expansion of the explorer units. Well done to Ben and team.

St George’s day parade and service is at 3pm on 21st April at St Benedict’s Ealing Abbey.  The service will have a different slant this year.  We are still waiting for the final approval from either Council or Police and we expect to parade in St Stephens Road at 2.30pm and after the service go to Montpelier Park for the review and teas. Full details will be issued when all approvals are finally granted.  The charity this year is ‘Comic Relief’.




Just to let you know that at our last district leaders’ meeting we decided to be more pro-active as a district in the area of recruitment.  Therefore I have set up a little team headed by Jeannette Joyce (you may remember her as the scout leader at 9E).  The idea is that we’ll engage parents and any other members of the public at district events with a view to encouraging them to take up uniformed leadership roles.
Jeannette and her team will develop a number of resources for this and we intend to trial this approach at St George’s day this year to see if it’ll work and then refine it as necessary for future events.
Although most sections in the district are adequately “manned” there are a number of groups where the leadership team is pretty “thin” and I’ve yet to meet a group where a little more help wouldn’t be welcome.


The census figures are now all in and pretty much on time, well done to you all and many thanks to Sue Hyde for managing this Herculean task.  I’ve not done any in depth analysis of the figures but we’re a small number up on last year pretty much all due to the increase in explorer numbers.  I would like to think that we can continue showing a year on year increase but we all know that this will only be possible if we keep recruiting new leaders (see above).  I’d be particularly interested in talking to any group that thinks it could increase capacity by opening up new sections.
This year’s capitation will be £37 and with some money now in the District coffers we should be able to achieve the 50p discount (included).


Just a reminder that we have a well funded hardship/assistance fund and would welcome more applications.  The form is on the website and Chris Cosstick (fund manager – unpaid and very small annual bonus) is waiting to hear from you. Remember this is open to all members of the district from 6 – much older!! Please don’t be shy at coming forward either for yourself or for a young person in your section.
Me, I’m thinking about dusting off my camping gear, but well done to those of you who have already done some 4th season camping this year already.  Last time I heard it was the outdoor experience, which sets Scouting apart from the many other youth groups that are around.
Keep up all your great work and be safe.


Cross- Country Championship 3rd February 2013 – Results

Beaver numbers double November, Cubs the same and Scouts 1 extra!  Also double leaders, parents etc. 119 finishers +2 non finishers who paid!

My thanks to Roy Clarridge of Thames Valley Harriers who came to help.  Also thanks to the Leaders for taking entries and a couple of fathers (of TVH members) who helped.  It was reassuring also to have the extra marshals.

Click here to download the full results.

Many thanks once again to the 1st Hanwell for doing the teas.

Paul Oppe




This month we were celebrating the acheivements of our young people and formally welcoming some more into the Unit.  I was immensely proud to present Alex Macdonald, Elliot Maynard, Genevieve Elliott, Kyle Lacy-Andrews and Jonathan Lumb with their Bronze DofE Awards.  I was even prouder to present Josephine Elliott with her Silver DofE Award.  Well done to you all.


I also had the pleasure of investing another four Explorers into the Brigantia family – welcome Sam, Giovanni, Kyle and Tristan.  To cap it off and make it a really fantastic evening I was also able to invest Jake Aspey, a new Assistant Explorer Scout Leader for Brigantia.  Jake has lots of experience as a young person and has been helping the Wednesday team as an occasional helper for the last year but we are delighted that he has joined the team an an AESL.  Welcome Jake.


We combined the this evening with our annual pancake competition and we didn’t quite have 100% turnout but there were not too many missing.


Thanks to John Foxwell, DC, and David Folkerd, GSL of 25th Ealing, for ‘volunteering’ themselves as judges.  Huge thanks to David for the huge amount of support he gives us.

Ben Pearson

Explorer Scout Leader, Brigantia ESU

Acting District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Ealing & Hanwell



Welcome to the latest addition to the waiting listMarkYates

All at 8th Ealing wish to congratulate Mark Yates and Simone his wife on the birth of their lovely daughter Grace Elisabeth, best wishes to you all and see you back at Scouts soon!



March 2013 POR updates

The latest edition of POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules) is due to be released and we are keen to hear your comments on the proposed updates. POR is our governing document, and contains detailed explanations of The Scout Association’s principles, policies, governance and rules.

Proposed amends to March 2013 POR
Proposed amends to Responsibilities of Executive Committees

New resources to help recruit volunteers

A number of new resources are now available on the Print Centre to help you recruit volunteers locally.

Vacancy board and cards kit

This kit is made up of an A2 poster with a set of cards for eight different vacancies. You can display six vacancy cards at a time on the poster within plastic wallets. This allows the potential volunteer to take one of the cards for reference to contact you. You get eight copies of each card and can customise the vacancies.

Vacancy board

This is an A2 sized board printed on 3mm foam core (in colour). The board comes with six, stuck-on clear plastic wallets that allow the A6 cards to be inserted. This lets the potential volunteer keep the details so they can contact you to fill the vacancy.

Vacancy cards

These are A6 sized cards printed on 200gsm card (in colour). There are eight different vacancy positions, with different role descriptions pre-populated. You can personalise and modify each of the eight cards.

All of the vacancy resources can be accessed by logging in to the Print Centre

GLMW Orienteering Competition this March

The attached flyer has the details. It’s on Saturday, 23rd March, 2013

GLMW Hillwalking Training Weekends 2013

Next Trip: North Wales, 26th-28th April.  Booking now at

Scotland June 2013 also booking now.

Visit for more information on this or to book a place on an upcoming trip.

Jack Petchey Foundation Presentation Ceremony

The 2013 Jack Petchey Achievement Awards Presentation Evening will take place at The Great Hall, Kensington Events and Conference Centre at 7.30pm on Friday 19 April 2013, for all Award winners of 2012.

Virgin Money Charity Deposit Account

With CAF Bank dropping their interest rates to 0.1% Groups may consider looking at the Virgin Money Charity Deposit account, currently paying 2.6% interest. You need to have a Charity Registration Number to get an account. Deposits as low as £1 qualify, with an upper limit of £2,000,000.

Link attached, for those applying the SIC number for Scouting is 94990.

If you are not receiving the original County notes as above please contact and ask for your name to be included in the distribution list