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June 2013


It is with great sadness we have to announce the passing of RONALD CROSS MBE, Vice President of GLMW.  His funeral took place on  17th May 2013. Ron was, I believe,  a former member of Ealing & Hanwell.


Many congratulations to 1st Hanwell Kingfishers on their success at the Totem Camp Competition.  It was pleasure for my wife and myself to visit the camp and speak to most of the teams in the main and training competitions.  All were ‘enjoying’ themselves and looking forward to the rest of the week end, some apprehensive others raring to go.  So well done to ALL winners and losers.  Thanks also must go the the myriad of leaders who were there to pass on their knowledge to the trainees and examine the main camp.

Adult recruitment

I quote from County news the following as I believe it is something we can be prod of.

Since the Duchess of Cambridge joined the Scouts last year, many adult leaders have followed her lead, including an increase in women volunteers – an increase of 36.5% in adult leaders between 2006-2013 in districts such as Ruislip alone, new figures released have shown. 70 women in Greater London Middlesex West have followed her lead and signed up as volunteers – an increase of 11.4%

Adult membership growth has risen by 13.1% in the past year, with adult numbers rising from 1536 to 1737.  Overall membership has risen from 7922 in 2008 to 8787 now.

This trend has been replicated in the UK as a whole. In total, 1,350 women have signed up as volunteers since the Duchess joined the Movement – an increase of 3.2%. This compares sharply with 2011, when only 125 new female leaders joined the organistion.

The Duchess, who is a flexible volunteer, helps out with Scouts in North Wales, is one of 2,812 new adult volunteers to join this year. These figures represent the second biggest increase in adult volunteers since 1986.

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, said: “It’s great that so many women and girls are joining the Scouts, more than ever before, and I am sure this increase has had much to do with the Duchess of Cambridge becoming a Scout volunteer last year. “The Duchess is an incredible role model for young women and she helps us show that Scouting’s not just for boys. She’s also such a generous volunteer and everyone is so excited to have her in the Scouting family. Many people have followed her lead and are getting involved and enjoying the adventure!”

Might I suggest that ALL parents in Ealing & Hanwell receive a copy and hopefully encourage more to join up in E & H.



Not much to say this month, but well worth mentioning the cub athletes badge held a couple of weeks ago, with all the groups represented. Following on from last month’s discussion regarding district events, this is an excellent example of a simple event put on for everyone’s benefit.

I understand the cubs are planning a choir competition in the autumn!  Meanwhile some of the more adventurous beavers went to the county sleepover at Chalfont and the scouts after competing in the annual Totem competition at the beginning of May are of to race go-karts at Stoke next weekend.  Of course none of these events would be possible except for the work and efforts of our wonderful district team and of course you, the leaders in the district who coordinate and help to run these events.  A big thank you to you all.

Just a quick reminder that your CRBs (now named DBS) last for 5 years and although Steve D does remind people when they’re due you can all see you own records on the HQ website.  Why not take a look to see if what it says is the same as you think!  Then look to see if you’ve any training to do and send your application forms to Jenny.

Finally a great big congratulations to Trevor Rodriguez who’s been selected to lead the county Jamboree contingent to Japan in 2015.  Not satisfied with one leader, out of four, congratulations to Lee Randal who’s also been selected as the deputy leader of the contingent.  It would be nice if they have a good representation of scouts and explorers from Ealing and Hanwell to take with them. Scouts and explorers aged between 14 and 18 in July 2015 are eligible to apply, watch out for details of the selection weekend towards the end of this year, but start thinking now who might be good contenders.

Keep up all your great work and be safe. Cheers


Totem Camp 2013


What a difference a year makes.  Last year it was held a week earlier due to camp site bookings, and produced the wettest, windiest Totem in recent memory.  However, after a damp start on the Saturday morning we were blessed with the sort of weather we have come to expect for this competition.

I don’t know if last year’s experience was a hangover for some, but the entries were down this year for the main camp, with only 13 Scout Patrols, from 7 Troops and 3 Guide Patrols from 1 Company.

Everyone who took part produced some good results for their efforts, and I am pleased to say our First Aid area manned by Helen Mitchell and Janet Sehgal only had minor incidents to attend to.

On Saturday afternoon our  President, Anthony Phillips, accompanied by his wife Monica, carried out a tour of inspection of the camp.  The time they spent talking to the Scouts, Guides and Leaders was much appreciated by everyone.

There was a three way competition for the title, right up to the last inspection, when gaps appeared between the Patrols.  The final positions were –


1st Hanwell Kingfishers 656 points Totem2013_1

1st Ealing North Ravens 632 points

1st Hanwell White Eagles 600 points



I would like to congratulate all the Scouts and Guides who participated in what is probably the toughest camp they will experience.   I am sure that they will all benefit from what they have learnt and put it into practice in future Scouting activities.  Of course the camp would not have been possible without the fantastic  help from all the Leaders who were present, especially Malcolm Turner, John Foxwell, Ben Douglas, Helen Mitchell, Janet Sehgal and Pete Balls.  It was good to have Big Jim back to head up the catering team with Martin Bedborough, Mary Power and Di Ljubisic who, once again, provided an excellent catering service.

My thanks also to Alastair Richards and the Network Scouts for organising and running the night activity which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  Let’s hope that this year’s drop in numbers was a minor blip and that we are back to normal next year.

John Sear



Totem Training Camp Report, April 2013


Unlike the “Perfect Storm” we encountered at last year’s Totem Training competition the weather this year was positively tropical in comparison with the Floods, Fires and Plagues of locust that the Scout and Guides had to contend with in 2012.

This year we had 30 Scouts & 12 Guides attend Training camp at Stoke Poges and after a welcome was given to all campers they were introduced to the most important person on site, Big Jim.  Jim would be feeding them and supplying the food to their quartermasters for their Master Chief standard cooking, to be prepared by their own fair hands.  Under the tutelage of one or more Leaders that would be assigned to each crew throughout the weekend.

TotemTraining2013_1The training campers  were formed up into 5 Scout and 2 Guide “Crews” and under the guidance of a quickly elected “Crew Boss” and “Mini Boss” and they were randomly allocated the Crew names of Bravo , Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel.

After a quick briefing on the cunning plan for the weekend they were given the DC’s Challenge, to make a sign, badge or something of their choosing from a bag of Plaster of Paris.  Unfortunately not all Crews engaged their creative side of their brains.  It was evident during the night time inspection that following a trial of white powder across the grass would reveal one or more cooking pots, pans and utensils solidly encased in Plaster of Paris.  All of which had to be cleaned up the following morning.

The Crews got their tents pitched and sites set up under the watching brief of their Trainers.  After lunch, their last ready-meal at The Totem Cafe they started some real work and  ventured into the unknown of collecting wood & water, storing their own food, cooking their meals and finally the delights of washing up the dirty billies and other kitchen utensils. “If only mum had packed the dishwasher in my rucksack”!

With the excellent assistance provided by the training team they were all given guidance in storing food, chopping wood and lighting fires.  As all Leaders’ know, the secret of a good fire is in the careful preparation and skilful construction of a dry kindling base …. But alas the secret of fire lighting appeared to remain a secret as despite the previous demonstration the Crews quickly slung some damp twigs and even damper sticks together and wondered why it wouldn’t light.  With the trainers on hand we soon had 7 fires alight awaiting the first cooking pot of the day.   Not forgetting the fairy liquid on the OUTSIDE of the pot… whoops, soapy pasta again!!!TotemTraining2013_2

All of the Crews produced some good meals, on-time at dinner, but as anticipated their washing up skills needed a bit more “fine tuning”.  It would appear that one or 2 crews liked their evening meal so much that we found the leftovers still in the billies during the night time inspection.  Obviously they were saving it for a midnight feast of cold pasta and bolognaise sauce…. or maybe it was because they didn’t bother with the washing up after their evening meal!!

During the evening the Crews joined the Totem campers for a wide game in the woods run by the Explorers.  I am sure that there must have been some very complex rules to the game, but for the next 2 hours the woods were filled with the shouts and screams of the of 150+ campers charging about in the darkness, torches flashing, to beat the other team.  I am not sure if one or both team’s “won”, but the good news was that they all seemed to be tired out by the end of the game as we all had a peaceful night’s sleep, with a gentle breeze wafting across the campsite. In our dreams!!!

On Sunday, some crews were up at the crack of dawn (it was a bit chilly overnight) and all managed to light their fires.  Breakfast was more or less on time at the stated hour of 08:30 and a hearty Full Monty was enjoyed by all campers before they then “enjoyed” the task of cleaning up their greasy pans, greasy tables, greasy benches, greasy cooking utensils and anything else that came within a 10m radius of the cooking oil.

They all met up with the Totem Campers at Scouts Own where their Plaster of Paris offerings were, or were not presented and marked.  The Leaders carried out a morning inspection of the Training Camp sites which revealed some good work from most Crews with the occasional Jumble sale approach to site tidiness from the minority.  We took all of the training Campers round all of the sites so that the Crew Bosses could show off the good bits …… and try to gloss over the not so good bits.

We all know that the Training camp is not supposed to be a competition but the same marking regime is operated at the Training camp as at the Totem camp.  So despite their inexperience the marks were pleasingly high, which I am sure, had a little to do in part with their Trainers natural competitive spirit in wanting their Crew to do well. (It’s not the taking part, but the winning that counts!!)

It took a long 2 hours to pack the kit away for the final inspection and them the Training Campers had their own closing ceremony around the flagpole for the eagerly awaited points to be announced.   Congratulations went to the Bravo Crew from 9th Ealing who won the Training camp competition with a score of 474 points.  The scores were:



• Bravo      9E              474

• Charlie  16E             440

• Delta       1H + 6E    415

• Echo        25E+ 8H  459

• Foxtrot   7H              412



• Golf         19E+ 16E 428

• Hotel      16E             441








Unfortunately the Training camp trophy was not able to be presented to the winning crew as it had “mysteriously” gone missing from last year’s winners of 9th Ealing and 1st Hanwell.  Interpol have been informed.  I am sure that all of the training campers will do a great job in next year’s Totem competition.

We all survived without incident and it seemed like everyone had a good time and hopefully some of the many combined years of wisdom from the Training team will rub off on the young campers when they enter the Totem camp next year ………..most importantly to peg their tents down to stop them flying away, and to keep some dry kindling stashed to light their fire for breakfast!!!

Once again, many thanks to the Leaders and Helpers in the Training team and Totem Cafe crew, without whom the event would not have been possible.

Dave Folkerd

Training Camp Leader

G.S.L. 25th Ealing

Athletes Badge Meeting 2013

There was a chill in the air and not much sun in the sky but that didn’t put off the 65 Cubs who came to Perivale Track on Saturday 18th May to run, skip, throw and jump their way to an Athletes badge.  The Cubs had a great couple of hours trying out all the different activities including long jump, high jump, 50m skipping, throwing a cricket ball and running.  There were smiling faces all around and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves especially when the sun finally came out for the 1000 metres run!  Several Cubs did so well (gaining maximum points) that they earned themselves the Athletes Plus badge, which was presented to them on the day by the DC.  A huge thank you to the team of Leaders who bravely manned the bases in the chilly wind all afternoon, events like this could not happen without your support. Many thanks!

Jocelyn Phillips

ADC (Cubs)




A small sample are shown here If you are not receiving the original notes as above please contact jan.vanderplank@glmwscouts.org.uk and ask for your name to be included in the distribution list.

Quarterly Census

Can I please remind Groups that the numbers for the last quarter ending April are due and should be sent to the District Secretary as soon as possible.

Jan Vanderplank, County Administrator jan.vanderplank@glmwscouts.org.uk

Online Book of Remembrance

The County Book of Remembrance is accessible to all members in the County and can be found on the County Website. This records the names of members of the County who have ‘gone home’ and provides the opportunity for additional information to be added at any time.   Please send any Funeral Service details direct to our County Webmaster Bob May, robertwmay@btinternet.com Ken Crisp is currently researching reports from past County News Letters that have been given to him back to 1982. However, many of these do not include the actual dates of Birth, Tributes, service awards or the name of the author of the report. Any information therefore that you can provide would be most helpful.

Ken Crisp, kencrispglmwscout@btinternet.com