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January 2013



Happy new year to you and your families and I trust that you all a had good Christmas celebration.  Time to reflect on our last year’s successes and set out our stall as to how we can improve in the coming year.  I am surprised at the large number of people that I meet are so supportive of Scouting and what it does for young people and the amount of time that adults give so generously in the weekly programmes and activities outside those meetings.  Do make use of all our resources, that is what they are there for.

Census time is here. Please make sure the figures are collected, collated and passed in good time to Sue Hyde so that she can collate all by 31st January.




Happy New Year to all our readers.  Our esteemed editor has just asked me to reflect on the year gone by and on the challenges that lie ahead.

Communications is the top of my list.  Firstly, I wonder how many of our nearly 200 adult leaders/helpers actually read this newsletter?  Secondly, I wonder how much of the other e-mail type circulars you read from HQ, county/others.  As the old advert says – “It’s good to talk”, there is no doubt that emails have their place but if it’s important, pick up the phone or go face to face.

People probably should have come first.  This means you; scouting doesn’t happen unless people like you make it happen.  If we can get more like you then we can do more scouting if we lose people like you we’ll necessarily do less.  KISS rules apply.  There is bound to be a churn, people are not handcuffed to scouting and its only right that when they naturally come to a point where they need to move on, I say thank you to them for all their efforts and wish them all the very best for their future.  However keep in touch, perhaps come back and help out at big events, or just pop in to see your old friends to say hi.

Finally, Programme.  We, generally, throughout the District have more young people than places and I’d agree with the powers that be that if we offer an attractive programme of activities then they advertise themselves and the young people just keep on walking through the door.

Keep it up guys and have a fantastic 2013.




PS If you want to contact me then my number is 020 8567 2474, I’m always available to you.  I may not be able to do a lot but I’m happy to listen.


12TH – 14TH OCTOBER 2012


The sun was shining on the banks of the Thames on Friday afternoon as we set up camp. What could be more idyllic….the peace was soon shattered as 36 senior Cubs descended to enjoy an adventurous weekend!! The air was soon full of laughter as tents went up, conkers flew, sandwiches were devoured, ducks chased and torch batteries run down! Holly was left homeless when the duty manager wouldn’t answer the phone but eventually found her way into a bunk room and everyone settled down (sort of) for the night.

Saturday dawned and the adventure began. Cubs hurtled off to take part in lots of challenges; some kayaking, some climbing, some rafting, some racing about in giant orbs on the water, some go-karting and some swinging from a 60ft trapeze!! Claire was spotted rolling around in a giant orb and both Lee and Claire fought their fears and made the amazing Leap of Faith! Jamie was spotted on a rather dodgy looking raft and Brandon had a go at everything!

longridge1Frances, Mandy and Jim kept everyone warm and well fed, with lots of hot soup, hot Ribena and a lovely bolognaise for dinner. The ducks soon polished off any crumbs that fell on the ground and Helen, Janet, Mags and Magda kept their hands warm washing and drying up! DC John got a raging fire going and kept us all warm and happy. This also gave us a good excuse to exercise our singing voices around the campfire on Saturday night, (thanks to Paul who came along to lead the singing).


longridge2Sunday morning brought a chill to camp as temperatures plummeted over night and the Cubs and Leaders woke up to ice on the tents. But no one was deterred and after a hearty breakfast set off to finish off any activities they hadn’t conquered already!! The sun soon emerged and we all started to thaw out!





Sadly camp had to come to an end. John awarded the Cubs with their Water Activity Badges and some wet, weary but happy souls headed for home.
Peace was finally returned to the riverbank!



iScout Ambassador visits Ealing


phil2phil1On Saturday 8th December Phil Packer MBE, an iScout Ambassador, was welcomed to the Borough in Montpelier Park, by the Worshipful Mayor of Ealing, Cllr Mohammed Aslam, Robert Leader,the deputy Lieutenant, Anthony Phillips, President of Ealing & Hanwell District Scouts, and Dominic Figon Scout Leader and members of 1st Ealing North Scout Group. Phil is the founder of the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) and is coming towards the end of his walk where he aims to cover 2012 miles in 2012.

OHe received a severe spinal injury whilst serving in the Armed forces and spent some considerable time in rehabilitation. His injury confined him to a wheel chair and after some stays in hospital and recovery he was able to do the London marathon, 26 mile in 26 hours, the UK 3 peak challenge, sailing, climb ‘ El Capitan’ a well known mountain in Yosemite Park in California and more, including selection for the paralymics. During this time he felt that he wanted to help young people and so his charity came into life ‘ With the combined support of Inspirational Figures from every sector of society, deliver inspiration to Young People facing Adversity to overcome life’s challenges during their darkest times in order to provide hope, aspiring choices and assist them in regaining their self belief, self confidence and self worth.’   He aims to open a building where young people would be able to recover them selves. Whilst not asking for personal donations he is hoping that 2012 companies will give their support.

Phil gave a talk explaining how he was injured, and the severity of his injuries, how he had driven his recovery and what he aimed to do. He then walked with the Scouts around the park where we explained the history of the park and the scout group. We were pleased to welcome Phil as he was recently nominated an iScout Ambassador.





You can place your badge orders with Roy Gosling, our badge secretary, through this website.  Visit the Badges page in our new Members section at http://www.ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk/members/badges/.


There is now a Members section on the District website at http://www.ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk/members/.  It is still work in progress and there will be more additions to come.  Is there anything you would like to see there?  Email admin@ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk with your requests.

1st Ealing North Jumble Sale – Saturday 19th January, 2013

2 – 3.30 p.m. in Scout Hut, Montpelier Park, W5


For Jumble collection – please ring Josette Bishop 020 8998 4695



Activities e-news

The latest Activities eNews is now available to view. Read the all at http://members.scouts.org.uk/documents/activitiesnews/e17.pdf

GLMW Hillwalking Training Weekends 2013

Next trip: Dartmoor – Jan 2013 nearly fully booked

Following Trip: Yorkshire Dales – March 2013, now taking bookings

Scotland June 2013 also booking now.

Visit http://www.glmwhillwalking.org.uk/ for more information on this or to book a place on an upcoming trip.

County Banners

If your Group is holding a fund raising event, and would like to use the County pop ups to help promote Scouting, these can be borrowed by contacting Jan at the County Office. You will need to collect, and return them, to the Office at PACCAR Scout Camp, Denham Lane, Chalfont St Peter.

February Freezer 2013 – 22nd –24th Feb 2013. Have You Booked Your Place?


If you are not receiving the original notes as above please contact jan.vanderplank@glmwscouts.org.uk and ask for your name to be included in the distribution list