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December 2013



It is with sadness that we inform you of the calling to higher service of Ted Hayden, one of our Vice Presidents, a former County Chairman and previously The Secretary of the Scout Association.  His funeral and thanksgiving service took place on Wednesday 4 December.
Also we record the calling to higher service of Stan Hancox, District Vice President.  He was Scout leader and GSL of 5th Ealing (St.Peters) and on merger with the 21st Ealing he became GSL of the 326th Ealing.  Finally in 1979 when they in turn merged with 20th Ealing, he was GSL of 1st Ealing North.


The search for a replacement DC continues and unfortunately with no volunteers from the District, a County team was formed with District Chairman, Geoff Mules, to search more widely.  As we go to press there is no further news.

As the end of the year looms ever closer it is time to ensure that all Groups have information at the ready for the annual census.  In 2014, a new database of members called ‘Compass’ will be launched and it is expected that this will enable the census return to be a much simpler affair.  The County levy stays at £9.60 and HQ at £21.00.  To this is added the District levy.

Are you involved in the ‘Be…’  by promoting it to your Scouts.  It’s a great chance for young people to share their ideas on how to make Scouting better for everyone.  You can also encourage your section to enter the Cub Scout centenary badge competition, placing a visual focus on Scout creativity when we celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouting in 2016.


Ealing & Hanwell District Commissioner Vacancy

NEW DISTRICT COMMISSIONER – Ealing & Hanwell Scout District

Nominations sought

Do you fancy a change in your scouting role? The County Commissioner has formed a Search Group to find a successor to John Foxwell as District Commissioner of Ealing and Hanwell.



Scouts’ 5-A-Side Football

This we once again experienced low numbers with only 7 teams from 6 Troops taking part in the league.

Over a period of 4 meetings and all teams playing each other twice, 25th Ealing proved victorious with 7th Hanwell taking the runners up spot.

                                    P          W         D          L          F          A          PTS

25th Ealing                     12         11         0         1         30         2         33

7th Hanwell                     12         7         4         1         19         3         25

6th Ealing                       12         7         1         4         20         9         22

1st Ealing North              12         5         2         5         17         12         17

1st Hanwell  A                12         2         5         5         13         14         11

16th Ealing                     12         3         2         7         12         23         11

1st  Hanwell  B               12         0         0         12         0         48           0

On the final night 8 teams from 7 Troops took part in the K. O. Cup which was well supported by leaders and parents.

In a  hard fought final 6th Ealing defeated 25th Ealing by the only goal of the game. I have been checking the records and it is the first time in many years that none of the matches had to be decided by a penalty shoot out.


First Round

            1st Ealing North              1          1st Hanwell                     0

            16th Ealing B                  0          6th Ealing                     4

            16th Ealing A                  0          25th Ealing                     7

            7th Hanwell                     2          9th Ealing                       0

Semi Finals

            1st Ealing North              0          6th Ealing                       3

            25th Ealing                     2          7th Hanwell                     0


            25th Ealing                     0          6th Ealing                       1


Presentations for both league and cup were made by John Foxwell and my thanks to all the scouts who took part, Ben Douglas and Stuart Flaye for carrying out the refereeing duties and Oliver Benson for keeping the scores and timekeeping.

 I hope all Troops will try to have an entry in next years event.

 John Sear (ADC Scouts)

Coming Soon

St George’s Day 2014

April 27th


The St George’s Day Management Team have met and chewed the fat over some ideas.  What has been decided is that the theme for the afternoon will be ‘Celebrating Achievement’.  As all are aware that every year we have presented leaders’ certificates, etc., and on this occasion we also wish to record special achievements by our younger members, as well as recognising the huge contribution that our adults make.  We will be celebrating any young people that have been awarded their Chief Scouts’ Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Queen’s Scout Award as well as any DofE Award recipients; any other major achievements will also be recognised.  The Parade will be under the theme ‘Carnival’ and all will be asked to provide a carnival atmosphere, by carrying large banners of badges, ‘paper mache’ heads, etc.  We will leave all to your imagination but more information will come out in the New Year.  Do you have a trailer?  then why not put on a display.

To make this work we need your help.  We can only celebrate your young people’s achievements if we know about them.  Please tell your ADC of any of the above listed awards you have presented since April 2013.  We need the name of the person, their section and Group, and any other relevant information that we should acknowledge.




A small sample are shown here If you are not receiving the original notes as above please contact and ask for your name to be included in the distribution list.

Friends of Chalfont “Carols at Dusk” 15th December