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July 2012 Newsletter

This edition of the news is somewhat smaller than previous months, maybe all the efforts are going into planning camps here in the UK and maybe further afield. Steve Douglas has sent in the article on planning. This identifies some major aspects of a good event. Not forgetting of course to nominate that elusive person, the ‘one in charge’. Hopefully all those going on camp will take time to prepare a short report for the September news.

The County AGM was held last month at Greenford. E & H were well represented and DC John Foxwell received his 30 years service certificate from the County Commissioner. 

John’s Jottings

Continuing on the theme of communications from my last missive, if you are regular reader of my column, then you and two (hundred?) others are keeping yourselves informed! Also check out our updated website@ealingandhanwellscouts.org.uk

As we approach the summer/camping season please, please take care of both yourselves and the young people in your charge. If you keep up with Wayne’s blog then you’ll have picked up on the simple idea of a leader in charge who does a simple risk assessment before and during all activities.

Get out there and do all the wonderful things that you do but please be careful.

Or as another motherhood would have it; “fail to plan – plan to fail”.

Talking of planning, at the upcoming GSL’s away day we will be looking at and revising the district development plan (Up to 5 years). If your have burning issue that you think your district is not addressing or not addressing enough, then pass it up the line to your GSL’s, ADC’s or direct to me. Unlike any politician I won’t promise that we’ll be able to do anything but if we don’t know then it’s very unlikely that anything will change.

For instance we all have growing waiting lists of young people who want to join!

Apart from the old moan about not enough leaders, what else can we do?

I’ll let you know how we get on.

That’s about it, have a really great summer, be safe.



Date for your diary, District AGM, Wednesday 19th September, Leighton Hall

Advance notice – Kandersteg 2013, 20th – 30th August, District is going are you?

Nights away, the following might assist in the planning of a camp


Visit or personal knowledge of site / and area

Transport options for Scouts and equipment.


Information sent to parents before event

Information to be received from Parents

Produce kit lists for Scouts and camp

Produce NAN form

Create budget and calculate costs, overall and individual

Set up ‘camp bank’ if needed.

Set up home contact / In Touch system

Program activities

Identify resources – human, material & Financial

Taylor program to abilities of Scouts

Knowledge of Association rules & guidance on activities

Wet weather programme

Event Team

All personnel have CRB checks.

Adult / Scout ratios

Allocation of roles to Adults

Fully brief team before event 

Right Equipment

Produce an equipment list appropriate to event

Arrange to check all equipment for safety / appropriateness

Appraise the need for specialist of the type of equipment that is being used from axes to gas lamps

Health and Safety

Capabilities of Adults and Scouts

 Complete risk assessments

Dedicated First Aider with knowledge of requirements of Adults and Scouts on event

Knowledge of how you will deal with an emergence at the venue.

Dealing with issues of personal hygiene / home sickness / toilet facilities

Understand the value of inspections


Prepare menu to cover program / facilities / weather & special dietary requirements

Hygiene standards when handling / preparing food

Ensure water supply is safe

Ability to produce cooked food

Ability to dispose of waste at venue

Leaving nothing, but your thanks, at the venue at the end of the event.


WELCOME We have a new beaver leader at the 8th Hanwell. Her name is Laura and we welcome her with open arms and she has already completed some training.

Carol Bowron 8th Hanwell GSL.

District Photos for the website

There will be a photo gallery for District events but I don’t have that many photos so I need your help.  Can you please send medium resolution versions of any photos you may have.  If they are available online please send the link to benpearson00@gmail.com or post a CD or memory key to 1 Florence Road, Ealing, W5 3TU – I will return the memory key if you include your address.


Our thanks to Ben Pearson for taking on the role of webmaster and a special thanks to Paul Phillips for his work in setting up the original


The camp site management team met recently and agreed to recommend a small increase in camp fees from January 2013. They minuted the thanks of the District to all who contributed in any way to the installation of the new ‘Murphy’s Mansions’. One person does however need a special mention and he is Dave Folkerd, without whom nothing would have been made available. Being in the right place and the right time and with the right connections summed up Dave’s magnificent contribution to the Camp Site.  Our thanks also to Messrs Murphy’s for their generosity.

All is in order for the Scout Kart event on July 13-15th. Camporee in August, and then later on Fireworks in November. .



Next socials:

Sunday 29th July – The Grove, The Green, Ealing, W5 5QX

No social for August

Sunday 30th September – The Duke of Kent, Scotch Common, Ealing, W13 8DL.

See you all there.

Ben Pearson, Explorer Scout Leader


  T H E  C O U N T Y

GLMW Hillwalking Weekend

Snowdonia, July 2012

The next Hill Walking Training Weekend will be in Snowdonia over the weekend of 13th – 15th July 2012.  It is open to all adults involved in any Scouting role, Leaders and Network in GLMW. All participants must be 18 or over


So if you would like to come along, just complete the attached health information form and return it along with a cheque for £40 payable to “GLMW Scouts” to Richard Williams, Silverdale, 68 Dukes Wood Drive, Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 7LF. If you want to hear more information or have questions then contact Richard by e-mail at getinthehills@glmwscouts.org.uk

Richard Williams, GLMW Hill Walking Team Co-ordinatorrichardwilliams@glmwscouts.org.uk

Gift Aid Declaration HMRC have recently changed the requirements for Gift Aid declarations particularly in respect of the wording, and time period for which records must be retained


Example: “GIFT AID DECLARATION – I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for the current tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for the current tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I have given.”

Further information is available from the following link to the HMRC website http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/charities/gift_aid/declarations.htm#2

Scouting Safely

The notice board on the Scout Association website has recently been updated in respect of scouting safely, Leader in Charge. Please follow the link to read in detail.http://members.scouts.org.uk/noticeboard/457/scouting-safely-leader-in-charge

Gilwell Park

On 7-9 September 2012, the 86th Gilwell Reunion will be taking place at Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre. An event aimed to excite, inspire and entertain adult volunteers and Scout Network members, this is your chance to make new friends, experience new challenges, learn new skills, take part in new activities and generate new ideas. If you haven’t done so already, check out the action-packed programme and book your place now.