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December 2012



Census time and an appeal. Please make sure the figures are collected, collated and passed in good time to Sue Hyde so that she can collate all by 31st January. Scouting has set out its stall re the fundamentals and are now asking for your opinions. Make sure you are involved. (See latest editions for info.)  I wish you all your families a very peaceful Christmas and a great New Year.




Season’s greetings to one and all.

Just a quick update;

9th Ealing are now ensconced in Leighton Hall for the foreseeable future.

The scout leaders want the Jack Petchy scheme to continue and have agreed to nominate the necessary scouts/explorers for an award in January.

There was a magnificent turn out at the civic remembrance parade.

All sections were represented at the Cross Country with Beavers racing for the first time. Congratulations/respect to everyone that ran, it’s not easy to turn out on a cold, albeit sunny, November afternoon.

Unfortunately there was an incident at the fireworks, where a rogue firework discharged into the crowd causing several injuries. Once the necessary investigation has been completed we will be reviewing the future of this event. If you have any views on this, please pass these up the line or send to me direct. There were a number of young children who were really frightened and I’m really sorry for all the distress and upset this caused.

I know that you are all planning various special activities and events to celebrate the Christmas period. It’s really nice to see our young charges enjoying all the things we plan for them, long may it continue.

Have a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year and enjoy a well-earned break with you friends and family. Hopefully see you all in 2013.





This year saw the lowest number of entries that I have ever experienced.  After a promise of 8 ,only 6 teams from different Troops actually took part in the event.  The losers were those who did not take part as it proved to be a very exciting and enjoyable competition for the competing teams.

P              W            D             L              F              A              Pts

25th Ealing                              10            9              1              0              27            4              28

1st Hanwell                             10            7              1              2              27            10            22

7th Hanwell                             10            4              2              4              15            9              14

16th Ealing                              10            3              3              4              7              7              12

1st Ealing North                     10            2              1              7              7              22            7

8th Hanwell                             10            0              2              8              1              32            2

The KO Competition was held on the 13th November, with 7 teams from 5 Troops taking part.  1st Hanwell proved triumphant defeating 7th Hanwell in the final.

Round 1

1st Hanwell ‘A’                         7                              1st Hanwell ‘B’                         0

7th Hanwell ‘B’                         0                              25th Ealing                              1

8th Hanwell                             0                              16th Ealing                              1

7th Hanwell G         – bye to semi final

Semi Finals

7th Hanwell G                         1              25th Ealing                              1

7th Hanwell G won  4-3 on penalties

1st Hanwell ‘A’                         4                              16th Ealing                              1


7th Hanwell G                         1              1st Hanwell ‘A’                         1

1st Hanwell won 4-1 on penalties

My thanks to all the Scouts who took part and the support shown by their Leaders and Parents.  I am also very grateful to Ben Douglas and Stuart Flaye for carrying out the refereeing duties.

Presentations for both League and Knock Out Cups were made by the DC, John Foxwell, on the last night.





Venimus. Vidimus. Vicimus. (We rolled up, had a shufty at the opposition and won.) Ok there was a bit more to it than that: the manager’s tactics, the manager’s team selections and substitutions, the manager’s coaching, the manager’s checking out of the opposition , the manager’s leadership qualities… (I am not overdoing the manager’s part in this am I?) and of course the part played by some of the boys, on occasion. Only kidding. The boys didn’t help at all. In fact, without the boys I think I could have won the League more quickly, but that’s another story. Which funnily enough I have written and is available in all good bookshops if there are any left.

The journey started on a damp October night in Hanwell Community Centre. I told the boys I wanted a clean game and to come out fighting. Some of them looked puzzled by the boxing reference and then I realised that we didn’t have any boxing gloves. However, all was not lost as there was a football tournament that very night. We entered, won 3 matches and drew 1. Thomas was a lion in goal. I had asked him to be a tiger, but you can’t have everything in life. Benjamin and Will were colossal in defence, partly helped by each wearing three shirts. Matteo was our midfield maestro, full of Italian impishness. And talismanic Jake scored the goals. Oliver would have helped out but went off to play for another team as they were thin on the ground re players . Oliver is quite thin, too so that worked well.

Round 2 saw us win all three games on the night, with lots of the boys scoring goals, and Cullen and Alfie helping out at the back. Oliver returned and took it in turns with Thomas to play in goal . We won one game 6-0 and Benjamin, who learnt everything from his father, scored a hat-trick. Did I mention that I am Benjamin’s father? I thought not. I ought to, but modesty prevails.

And onto Round 3. Will, Oliver and Matteo decided to go away somewhere hot for half-term and didn’t invite the rest of us which I thought was a bit off . Feeling rejected , the boys trudged into the hall asking why their parents were so poor and why couldn’t they have richer ones who would take them away at half-term? I felt the same way and called my mother to complain. Then I gave them a rousing speech from Henry V and they cheered up, although one of them was concerned about “closing up the gap with our English dead”. Boys will worry.

Into battle we went and drew first blood. A solid 2-0 win against the third best team. The second game was even better and we hit 4 goals.. Alfie and Cullen were looking berserk at the back, crushing all who came up against them. Benjamin had goal lust. Jake was everywhere. And Thomas was still impersonating a lion, although I had had words about being a tiger. But do boys listen? The opposition didn’t roll up for the next game and I can’t say I blamed them.

And so we came to the last game, against a team we had drawn 1-1 against. I quickly took the boys through the 72-page play book , together with the codes for each play. . The whistle went. The boys played superbly. The defence was rock solid. The midfield fed the ball to the attack and helped out in defence . And the attack, in the person of Jake, hit 2 great goals. Victory was secured, together with the League title . P: 10 W: 9 D: 1 F: 27 A: 4.

Mark Ambrose, 25th Ealing 5-a-side Team Manager





Place Name Group Place Team Score
1 Finn   Combe 6E


 6 E 1,2,8   = 11
2 Millan   Patel 6E


9 E   A 3,4,10   = 17
3 Joseph   Flitter 9E


9 E   B 15,16,17   = 48
4 Joseph   Stafford 9E
5 Jack   Manners 16E
6 JonnyStacpoole 1EN
7 William   Mitchell 25E
8 Patrick   Rabey 6E
9 Otto   Lawrence 6E
10 Zac   Harris 9E
11 Isla   Bicknell 25E
12 Ethan   Chansing 6E
13 Gregory   Turner 16E
14 Sam   Ernestine 1H
15 Marco   Orstojic 9E
16 Oliver   Orstojic 9 E
17 Luca 9E



Place Name Group Place Team Score
1 Cameron Bicknell 25E


 25 E A 1,2,8   = 11
2 Mattie Wrench 25E


1 H   A 6,9,10   = 25
3 Callum  Larkham 1EN


16   E A 4,5,16   = 25
4 Myles Turner 16E


1 E   N A 3,13,15  = 31
5 Isaac  Baraclough 16E


1 H   B 11,21,22   = 54
6 Aidan Ging 1H


9 E 17,20,30   = 67
7 Kriece Willis 5H


6 E 18,25,28   = 71
8 Scott Hengar 25E


1 H   C 23,26,27   = 76
9 Daniel  Davies 1H


1 E   N B 19,24,36   = 79
10 Alex Barrett 1H


25   E B 14,32,35   = 81
11 Ollie Gilbert 1H
12 Mikey Kouwiloyan 8H
13 Lara arrison 1EN
14 Catriona Bicknell 25E
15 Ryan Garvie 1EN
16 Rory Byrne 16E
17 Sean Cottan 9E
18 William Payne 6E
19 Masaki Adri 1EN
20 Louie Stafford 9E
21 Amy Kerry 1H
22 Amy Shackell I H
23 Michael Considine 1H
24 Florence Humphrey-weeks 1EN
25 Liam Chan-sing 6E
26 Thomas Farmer 1H
27 Ella Ernestine 1H
28 Anais 6E
29 Tom Jarvis 1 H
30 Alessio 9E
31 Poppy Bradley 6E
32 Max Pearson 25E
33 Kirsty Chan-sing 6E
34 Ryan Geraghty 1H
35 Arran Sanduhutchinson 25E
36 Andre Arnaaudon 1EN


Under 12 Scouts

Place Name Group Place Team Score
1 Harry Llewyn 7H


7 H 1,3,7   = 11
2 Stephen Robin 6E


6 E 2,5,6   = 13
3 Josh Hughes 7H


25   E 4,9,11   = 24
4 Ben Harris 25   E
5 Amil Patel 6 E
6 Tommy Malone 6E
7 Sam Winchester 7H
8 Tom Atkinsin 6E
9 Joey Sanduhuthinson 25E
10 Arabell Atafo 8H
11 Cllan Allain 25E


Over 12 Scouts

Place Name Group Place Team Score
1 Ben Farmer 1H


1 H   A 1,2,8   = 11
2 Daniel Bedborough 1H


6 E  3,10,12 = 25
3 James Robin 6E


 1 H B  9,14,15 = 38
4 Finn Byrne 16E
5 Thomas Horrex 25   E
6 Will Sheard 25   E
7 Marco Langston 16   E
8 Theo El-Maning 1 H
9 Isaac Skinsany 1 H
10 Jacob Chancellor 6 E
11 Joe Traynor 7H
12 Harry Bowen 6E
13 Noah Kean 6E
14 Alison Ball 1H
15 Elizabeth Pearce 1H

Overall Scout trophy winners 6 Ealing ( 2nd and 3rd) = 5  points

Explorer and Leaders

Place Name Group Place Team Score
1 James Horrex 25E


1 H   A 3,5,6   = 14
2 David Larkin 5E
3 Robert Bedborough 1H
4 Josephine Elliot 1EN
5 Paul Farmer 1H
6 Martin Bedborough 1H
7 Martin Elliot 1EN
8 David McGuire 7H
9 Dave Winchester 7H
10 Leslie Shackall 1H


Many thanks once again to the 1st  Hanwell for doing the teas.

Paul Oppe




I will endeavour to make Badge delivery to Ealing & Hanwell area, generally on Wednesdays, although callers to my home are welcome-just check beforehand to ensure I am in. Delivery starts at 4pm (note earlier time).

Badge deliveries also when I am in the area for meetings or other District activities.

Cheques made out to “Ealing and Hanwell DSC Badge A/C”.(please do not make cheques out to me). Prompt payment will be appreciated.

I will also get items, other than badges, from Scout Shops Ltd.,this saves your Group postage costs. The most popular items are woggles, record cards, posters, books and Group scarves.

If you have any queries, contact me. -Roy Gosling 74,The Avenue, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 5BJ Tel. (020) 88667975.  Between 9am and 9pm.If no answer leave your details and I will get back to you;  or e-mail.

1st Ealing North Jumble Sale – Saturday 19th January, 2013  

2 – 3.30 p.m. in  Scout Hut, Montpelier Park, W5    


  For Jumble  collection – please ring Josette Bishop 020 8998 4695



County Levy

The County Levy will remain at £9.60 for 2013, with the HQ Membership at £21 less 50p for early payment. To this is added the District Levy.

County Water Weekend

The GLMW Water & Adventure Weekend takes place 14th – 16th June 2013

Safeguarding Training

Further course dates have been booked:

Between 111 & 113 Hill Rise, Greenford, UB6 8PE
Saturday 2 Feb 9.15am – 1pm – Hayes & Harlington
Sunday 24 March 9.15am – 1pm – Thameside Grand Union

 Wild Country Ropeman 3 Ascender

The company Wild Country, which manufactures climbing equipment, has issued a recall for their Ropeman 3 Ascender. If you or your District/Group/Activity Centre possess a Ropeman 3, then you should stop using it immediately and return it to your retailer or, if this is not possible, to your local distributor.

Peace Light & Carols at Dusk Service

We ask all our Friends of Chalfont, Site Supporters and Campsite users to join us on Sunday 16th December at 4pm for our Peace Light Ceremony and Carols at Dusk Service around our Christmas tree, here at Paccar Scout Camp.


February Freezer 2013 – 22nd –24th Feb 2013. Have You Booked Your Place?


If you are not receiving the original notes as above please contact and ask for your name to be included in the distribution list