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August 2012 Newsletter

Grace Hayden Gone Home

14.04.1925 – 06.07.2012

Grace served the Scout Movement in many ways, including Cub Scout Leader of 1st Chiswick, many appointments in Pinner & Headstone District and ACC Adult Leader Training in Greater London Middlesex West where she ran many courses. She also supported her husband Ted at many National events.



One of Scouting’s most prominent supporters in the Houses of Parliament is the outgoing co-chairman of the ‘all parliamentary Scout committee local MP Stephen Pound. Stephen has held the post for the last years and was recommended by Scouting for an award.



Is on Holiday this month


District Swimming Gala

Entry forms and details are now in the process of being issued and I would ask everyone to try and get maximum entries to one of the two events during the year that is open to all sections within the District.

So that I don’t have to chase you can you please ensure that all entries are returned to me by 15th September at the latest, individual names are not necessary, just the numbers competing in each event.

Also a reminder that the other District event that is open to all sections is the rearranged Cross Country that will take place on Sunday 18th November and include the Beavers for the first time

John Sear




Brigantia heads to Gilwell 24

It started 09:00 Saturday with 4,000+ Explorers and Leaders, it ended with a similar amount at 09:00 Sunday. The British summer did not dampen the enthusiasm. The event was launched from the main stage with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to celebrate a decade of Explorer Scouting (and the huge growth in teenage membership it has delivered) and the announcement of adventurer Ed Stafford as a new Scouting Ambassador.

Not everyone made it through the night, but a 10pm Scuba diving Session, the midnight 5-aside football and constant flow of other activities (including brush boarding, zorbing, mountain boarding, climbing, a disco, live music and the infamous 3am Gilwell Gauntlet) ensured that there was activity for the entire 24 hours.

From Brigantia only two made it – Karran and Gen.

Simon K



Camporee Report 2012

After the wettest drought in living memory and a period of rain not seen in a lifetime (not even in Carol’s) lots of wet weather plans were put into place for Camporee 2012. Oh ye of little faith!!! As the pitching crew arrived on Saturday morning the sun broke through and soon there wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the sky! The temperature rose to scorching and stayed that way until the gate was locked the following Sunday and the first rain drops began to fall as we drove off site!!!! Perfect!!

71 Cubs arrived in the sunshine to enjoy an amazing week of craft, archery, Quidditch, badge work, face painting, campfire singing, rabbit wrestling (I mean cuddling!), swimming, flying on the aerial runway and much, much more!!! Their postcards home said it all…”having an amazing time, made loads of new friends, thank you for sending me” what more could we ask for!

Murphy’s Mansions were transformed into Murphy’s Magic Movie House for one night only to present “The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe” in Screen 1, with a bonus special movie from a fantastic new director, Sharon “Danny Boyle” Lunney, featuring Spy Camp 2011. The usherettes were a bit scary this year but as glamorous as ever!!!

Once again the Leader team from Ealing & Hanwell (or Hanwell & Ealing!!) surpassed themselves. We had a team of 21 Young leaders this year (the biggest group yet) and they were all brilliant! They were always smiling (even after going to bed at 4am and getting up at 7am!!) always willing to help and made the lives of the adult leader team so much easier we cannot thank them enough!

For this year, Frances took over from Jim as full time resident chef and did a great job catering for so many hungry people. Jim came out most days to offer assistance and guidance and was a huge asset to Camporee(as he always is!).

There was a boardroom take over at the top of the Camporee team this year. Lee and I decided at an early meeting that we should do some succession planning and identify young adults who could shadow us and train up to take over in years to come. Unfortunately Niall and Laura were so good that by the end of the first day they were running the show better than we do!!!! Thanks guys…Good shout!!!! Lee says can he have his clipboard back now please!

What can I say about the rest of the team except that they are brilliant and Camporee cannot run without each and every one of them. This year particularly, showed the real meaning of the word teamwork, it was a pleasure to be part of. There are some great talents among the younger adult team members but there is so much invaluable knowledge, experience and skill in the mature members that is vitally needed to back up the team. The Camporee team works because every member plays their own invaluable part!  There are too many people to name, but they are so great, I’m going to name them anyway….

Paul Mr Tactful (yes really!!!!)
Frances the Top Chef!!
Jocelyn a “wicked” witch!!
Sharon an Oscar winning producer! (Thanks also for the pics,ed)
Carol Mum (to all of us!!)
Di a delightful witch
Martina a delight!!
Lee a Good Shout!!
Dr Dave an expert in Quidditch elbow!
Rosanna the Queen of the Swamp!
Jay a mad Scientist!!
Mark Power Robin Hood (without the tights!!)
Alex Lunney the pooper scooper!!!
Niall The Boss
Alice the Quidich organising committee!
Laura The Real Boss!!
Genevieve the animal carer, the Cub carer, the leader carer – just the best carer  on Camp!
Benedict wedding venue scout!
Louise the texting princess!!
Ben Phillips a young romantic!
Ben Salmon a great fire starter!
Josephine a fab witch’s beautician!
Lauren the one with the straightest hair on camp!!
Amy a new recruit!
John Stanton an early riser!!! (we couldn’t believe it either!!)
Katie Bedborough the most glamorous camper!!
Liam a gorgeous green zombie
Rhia great at everything, except circus skills!!!
Peter Stanton a terrific teenwolf!
Joshua the best of Brentside!
Brandon a great fire keeper!
Ben Farmer the best at pitching and striking tents!!!
Jaymin (what can we say) just all round fabulous!!
Thomas Buchan the fire alarm fixer (whenever Paul was cooking!!!)
James Buchan the window, Iphone, arm (own), bike and TV breaker!!
Claire the 3 Michelin starred backwoods cooking chef!
Tango the camp mascot!!
Victoria A great Help
Krystyna A real star!
Jamie “Clark Kent” and a Super Man!
Joel A “gold” star leader!
Jane Nurse Stanton!

I also need to thank the many people who popped out to help in any way they could throughout the week, from pitching and striking tents (John & team) to car park marshalling (Josh, Ben & Robin) to helping in the kitchen (Jeanette) to running the aerial runway (Pete) to selling badges (Roy) to providing moral support (Nigel, Dave Hawkins, Alan Jeffries & Anthony Phillips). To everyone who helped in whatever way and for however long, THANK YOU, we could not do it without you all!! Same time next year!!!!! J





District Photos for the website

There is a photo gallery for District events but I don’t have that many photos so I need your help.  Can you please send medium resolution versions of any photos you may have.  If they are available online please send the link to or post a CD or memory key to 1 Florence Road, Ealing, W5 3TU – I will return the memory key if you include your address.