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[Our Explorer] needs a new ruck sack & water proofs, any ideas?

Matt answers… It’s difficult to make a recommendation for any one piece of kit, as it depends on personal preference and budget. However I can definitely give some guidance.

Nationally the DofE have a website which makes various recommendations, this is definitely worth a read: http://www.dofe.org/go/exk/
Cotswold Outdoors offer all participants 15% of equipment and Karran should have a discount card in the welcome pack he received when he signed up on the award. They also have a price match promise, so if you find the kit cheaper anywhere else they should match the price.
Rucksack wise, if you can make it into a store it is worth doing, as they can check the fit of the rucksack on Karran. DofE recommend examples are here.
Waterproof wise, Craghoppers are a good midrange brand
There is also a good selection of different price ranges online at Go Outdoors – for example here
Regatta is a well known cheaper brand than Craghoppers, but arguably not as hard wearing.
It is worth mentioning that while some of this equipment is expensive, it is a worthwhile investment as if cared for correctly it will last for many years of DofE and scouting activities. My current waterproof has lasted about 7 years of wet weather abuse!