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St George’s Day Parade 2015

 St. George’s Day Parade 2015


So far we have the following plans in place:

  • Date: Sunday 26th April 2015 (3pm Service)
  • Venue: St. Barnabas Church, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing W5
  • Teas & coffees will be hosted by 16th Ealing in the church Hall afterwards
  • Parade form up – Castlebar Park at west end of Pitshanger Lane (time to be confirmed – probably 2pm for a 2.30pm departure) The parade will be dismissed from the Church at approx. 4-4.30pm.
  • March along Pitshanger Lane, see map below:


  • Theme: International Scouting (as 2015 is a Jamboree Year). Each group has been allocated a Country to represent in the parade. The countries chosen are all ones that have previously hosted the Jamboree.

1st Ealing North – Australia

6th Ealing – Holland

8th Ealing – France

9th Ealing – Canada

16th Ealing & Jamboree contingent – Japan

25th Ealing – USA

1st Hanwell – Sweden

5th Hanwell – Thailand

7th Hanwell – Greece

8th Hanwell – Chile

Brigantia – South Korea, Norway, Phillipines, Austria, Hungary & Denmark

  • The District will provide your Group with the flag of your designated country and we would like you to dress up a Beaver, Cub, Scout or all three in an outfit representing that Country. It does not have to be the National costume, just something that is immediately recognisable, if possible. At the start of the Ceremony (after the Colours have been brought forward) your flag and escorts will be asked to come forward to represent their country. I hope that makes sense!
  • Awards – we will be asking groups to provide Anthony with a list of Young People who have achieved the Bronze, Silver or Gold Chief Scouts Award or a DofE award in the preceding 12 months or who have achieved something exceptional for them. The names will simply be read out by the appropriate ADC this time and certificates will be given to the GSLs to distribute later (to make for a smoother and quicker programme – we hope!)
  • Marshalls – Each group will need to have adults accompanying the parade to ensure that the Young people are safe on the road. IN ADDITION we need volunteers to act as Street Marshalls who will be responsible for closing the roads along the route as the parade passes by. If each group could provide the names and contact details of 2 responsible adults to Anthony asap he will be able to explain their duties in more detail to them. The reason that these extra adults are needed is that the police cannot operate all the necessary road closures as they do not have the man power available.
  • Entertainment – During the ceremony, each section will be asked to lead a campfire song which has an International theme. For example, 16th Ealing Beavers think they will do a well-known French campfire song, 9th Ealing Cubs will be teaching everyone an African song. It has been suggested that the Scout section do an Australian camp fire song led by 6th Ealing Scouts.